Wardrobe Essentials

Wardrobe Essentials

Summer is here already and it is time that you revamp your closet. However, there are some staples that every wardrobe must contain. Here are a few of them listed for you so that you don’t miss out on them:

1. Pencil skirt: This is a basic and every woman should have it. You can wear it to work or for a night out. For work, you can wear it with a blouse and blazer, and complete your look with pumps. For a night out you could turn it into something sexy with a silk blouse and heels. A high waisted pencil skirt is the best bet.

2. Black blazer: You should own of these because of the fact that they are extremely versatile. You can easily wear them for an event or to a date. The blazer will look great with shorts and a vintage tee. For a casual look, you can roll up the sleeves.

3. Trench coat: You MUST own a classic trench coat. It is the perfect fit over jeans, dresses, and pencil skirts. You could never go wrong with them!

4. Little black dress: You need a LBD that makes you feel sexy. Buy one over, which you can wear a blazer for more versatility.

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