How to wear red right

Red is a definite showstopper colour. This beautiful colour has been used extensively in many parts of the world and all attach different connotations to it. Celebs have been long flaunting the perfect red look on the red carpet. But what if you want to wear the daring colour to your office or maybe a girls’ night out, you could do with come tips on how to look great in red without looking over the top.

Here goes:

  • Wearing red and then going overboard with accessories is a sin! Keep your accessories minimal when donning a red look. Also, avoid wearing bright coloured jewellery. White and black options are a wise choice.
  • If black and white accessories aren’t your thing, wear a gold statement piece. A chain or slim bangles, or even just a large ring will suffice.
  • Don’t go overboard with makeup too. Nude makeup with red lips works best.
  • Wear edgy red accessories with soft coloured outfits. Glass frames, watches, or even a bold neck piece can be worn with subtler outfits.
  • Don’t ever pair red outfit with red shoes. You might look like a red carpet yourself else.

 There you go! Now wear crimson with élan and look every bit sexy.

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How to get ‘Beauty’ sleep!

We have all wished to look perfectly refreshed and gorgeous when we wake up in the mornings like they show in the movies. Your body and skin go through several restorative functions through the night when you are asleep. Also your skin is more permeable in the night. Ergo it’s totally possible to use active ingredients on your skin to speed up its bettering and look radiant when the sun rises.

Here’s what you can do just before you go to bed:

  • Use heavy duty emollient moisturizers on your entire skin. Light moisturizers are for day time to prevent you from looking greasy. In the night, you want to slather on a thick layer and rest in the moisturizing cocoon to wake up feeling super soft in the morning.
  • Vitamin A is great for your skin. Topically applying retinoids during the day may make your skin vulnerable to sun damage owing to light degradation. Therefore, buy over the counter retinoids such as tazarotene and adapalene and apply it to your skin before bed. This will help boost collagen, lighten dark spots and clean out pores.
  • Layers of cosmetics and sunscreen coupled with sweat, seldom let active ingredients work on your skin during the day. Salicylic acid and peptides best work on skin sans makeup and sweat because they penetrate the skin better. Use active ingredients infused night cream on your face and décolletage for magic in the dark.
  • If you have rough skin on your feet, hands, elbows or knees, use creams with a rich dose of alpha hydroxyacids before you hit the bed. This will penetrate the outermost layer of the skin and promote exfoliation. For it to work best, cover the area with socks, mittens or soft cotton cloth.

Now go have your ‘beauty’ sleep and wake up to a more beautiful you!

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How to dress up comfy and chic for the holidays

The holiday season is here and the best part about them is gorging on the delicious turkey and toothsome pies. If you are going to devour them like there is no tomorrow, you might as well wear comfortable clothes that will not end up making you feel bound. Now comfortable doesn’t have to be boring. If you want to look trim and sexy while being ultra-comfy, we have a few options for you.

Read on:

  • Have a pretty pyjama set? Use them as separates. Wear your pyjama top with a fitted trouser or pair up your silky pyjamas with a tank top and high heels. Look for slinky fabrics (no 100% cotton here) and crisp prints so you don’t look ready for bed.
  • A jersey maxi is oh so comfortable. You can pair it with a chunky sweater, high heels and a signature piece of jewellery and look like a total star.
  • Knit dresses make for the perfect option when planning to gorge. They stretch well so your stomach never feels clinched after all that eating. You have to ensure the material is thick or you might end up with unflattering bulges after a heavy meal. Also sticking to dark colours is a good idea.
  • Sport a warm, big, cosy sweater with skinny jeans. Looks super chic and plus it will keep you from feeling cold after a big meal.


Now go holiday in style!

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How to choose a tattoo if it’s your first time getting inked

Tattoos are a rage now. Celebrities are flaunting theirs with élan and almost every teenage soul wants to emulate that. Tattoos can make you look vapid or even moronic if not chosen wisely. Because it’s going to remain on your skin forever, it is wise to spend a lot of thought on choosing one.

Here’s helping you choose better if it’s you first time:

  • Don’t choose a design on impulse. Make sure you aren’t experiencing any strong emotion such as anger or depression when choosing, as this can lead you to making silly choices.
  • Don’t go too big or too bold the first time around. Tattoos are both painful and require a courage to sport. You can always expand the existing one or get bigger ones if you get comfortable with this whole tattoo idea.
  • Spare a thought on whether a particular design will be acceptable with your family, your workplace. If it isn’t, you might want to scrap the design idea or get it done in a place that is easily coverable and isn’t too prominent.
  • Be ingenious. Don’t choose a design that is run of the mill and overdone. It gives the impression that you aren’t very serious about your body art. Choose something that is an extension of your personality. Don’t try hard to appear a certain way when you aren’t.
  • Once you narrow down on a few designs, ask yourself if you will be proud to show it off even 10 years down the line. If yes, go for it. If in doubt, chuck it by all means.
  • Stay clear of names of crushes, passing fancies and juvenile patterns. There are almost 100% chances you will regret in the future.
  • If you choose scripts, you wanna to make doubly sure that you are well aware of its meaning. You don’t want a person fluent in Sanskrit, telling you that your tattoo means ‘body odour’!

Now go get inked and look every bit sexy!

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How to choose high heels that are comfortable

High heels can never replace the comfort of a pair of sneakers, but then sneakers don’t even manage to look half as sexy, as heels do. If you crave high heels, but cringe at the thought of discomfort they provide, don’t worry.

Here’s a guide to choose heels that are high on sexiness quotient but don’t kill you:

  • Always choose centre line heels (heels that are located below the centre of your own heel). Heels that are far too back, will not support your weight properly, leading to sore heels and a bad back. If you are in doubt, choose thicker heels over thinner ones.
  • If you want very high heels, choose ones that have at least some kind of soft platform. A little padding will go a long way in keeping stress off ankles. If you lost your heart over heels that don’t have a platform, add a gel sole.
  • Choose heels that have rubber or leather soles. They give you better protection against stress caused to feet, over inconsistent grounds. Wooden and hard plastic soles, are a complete no no.
  • If it’s your first time with heels, opt for wedges. They are more stable, and offer much more comfort than conventional heels.
  • Remember a thumb rule. If the heels are very easy to slip into, they will be harder to walk in. Choose heels that have straps or cords to tie around your ankle for more security and support.

Now go strut in those heels and redefine sexiness!

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How to Create an Illusion of being slimmer

No matter your shape or size, we have all been at a point in our lives where we wanted to look a bit slimmer, a bit more toned. Well with a few style changes one can actually appear slimmer. Here’s how

Invest in good quality Shapewear

Yes probably you have heard that enough, but the truth is it actually works. The right piece of shapewear can work effectively to distribute bulges while smoothing your curves and holding you in. So go ahead and buy one of those slenderizing garments to rock your outfits better.

Take a lesson in Length:

Steer clear from capris, pleats and baggy trousers/shorts. Aim at elongating your appearance by opting for straight cut tapered jeans, preferably in dark colors that hit exactly at your ankle and pair them with ankle boots or flats. Or opt for pencil skirts that cut off just above the knee. Longer silhouette appears thinner.

Wear more Black:

Using black to create a slender illusion is the oldest trick in the book, and for a good reason. It helps create a long vertical line. Preferably choose to wear an all-black outfit to maximize the illusion. If black does not excite you, other dark hues also work fine. Just ensure you keep the silhouette crisp and stay away from pale shades.

Mask Problem Areas with Color:

If wearing all black isn’t your thing, just try masking your problem areas with it. Not in love with your legs but love your upper body? Mask them with a fitted pair of black pants or a skirt, and add a bright pop of color on top. Hide larger arms or hips, with a tailored black blazer and show off your bottom half with some brightly colored shorts or a skirt. Get the clue?

3 Packing Tips for Weekend Getaways

A summer weekend getaway? Oh we know how difficult it is to pack. It gets so difficult to choose that you pack way too much and regret later. Well, we have some tips to help you have the perfect getaway without the packing blues:

  1. The statement piece: A special piece of clothing that makes you feel special and beautiful should always be in your bag. Now, to go with it, just pick a statement shoe or lipstick. Simple.
  2. Dress appropriate to the destination: Of course you want to blend in. Do some research and find out what the local attire is. Pack something appropriate so that you do not look out of place.
  3. The item that helps with day to night transition: Since you only have a weekend with you, you have a tight schedule. Plus, you don’t want to pack too much. Thus you need an item or two that will help turn your day look into a night look. A leather jacket may be? A maxi dress? Pick according to your choice.

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5 Types of Flat Shoes for the Fall

For comfort and style, you must go with flats! Fall is coming up and getting ready style-wise is very important. Keeping that in mind we have compiled a few options for you to explore:

  1. Suede: These are the versatile pair of flats that you can wear all the time. Also, these will look good on just about everything, making them a must-have for all women!
  2. Textured: If you don’t want plain flats you can choose textured flats. These will give your ensemble a touch of femininity. You can buy a pair with neat bows!
  3. Bling bling: If you want a little more femininity, you can go with studded flats. These are excellent for outings and parties. Black flats with silver colored studs would be your best choice.
  4. Pointed: For office and to dress up elegantly, we suggest pointed and patent flats. These are extremely chic and polished.
  5. Reptile prints: Reptile print flats are also catching on these days. They are very popular because they are extremely stylish. Grab your pair and prepare to amaze!

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Chalking Black Hair

Chalked hair is very popular today because it is stylish and fashionable.

While chalking light colored hair is not all that problematic, you may have to think twice about the chalk color if you have black hair. Experts say that vibrant colors look radiant on black hair, which is why you should definitely try one of them. We have tips on how to chalk black hair:

  1. Wash your hair with clarifying shampoo. Do NOT use the conditioner. Dry your hair with the towel and comb it so that it is not tangled. Your hair will still be damp and it should stay like that.
  2. Choose your color. As aforementioned, you should choose dark colors. You can get creative and pick out a nice color according to your preferences.
  3. Start applying the color using the chalk. Be patient and be creative. Apply a few streaks starting from the roots of your hair and ending at the tips.
  4. Do not blow dry your hair after you are done. Blow drying will blow the chalk off. Air dry it. Yes, it will take time but you have to be patient.
  5. When your hair is 90% dry, get your hot flat iron out and seal the colored hair a few times so that the color really stays on.
  6. Go out and turn heads in your direction!

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Matching Jeans and Heels

So you have different types of jeans on one hand and heels on the other. How do you match them?

Matching Jeans and Heels

Women are often confused about what types of heels to wear with what types of jeans. Sometimes it is quite easy to match but at other times it can be difficult. The wrong match can be a faux pas, which is why it is important to be careful.

  1. Skinny jeans: It is very easy to pair heels with skinny jeans. High heels are the best choice. However, it is important not to wear jeans so skinny that you have a tough time wriggling your ankles into them. Your jeans should end at the ankles to be paired with heels. If they need to be cuffed, it is advisable that you choose casual sandals instead.
  2. Bellbottoms: Bellbottom pants have to be long without question. You simply cannot make do with shorter pants in this aspect. Chunky platforms will look excellent with these pants. Buy tall platforms but comfortable ones so that you walk easily in them.
  3. Trousers: With trousers, work shoes are ideal. Trousers with shorter hem will look good with flats while trousers with longer hem will look good with heels.

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