Texting Tips: How to Text your Crush

Texting is where it all begins today. You should, thus, be very careful about what you are texting your crush so that you don’t go wrong and turn him off. Those 160 characters are enough to make or break a relationship!

Texting Tips- How to Text your Crush

Here is what men love:

  1. Jokes: They love women who can crack sarcastic jokes every now and then. Poke fun and he will definitely appreciate it. For example, if he says he is back, you can ask, “you were away?”
  2. Quotes: Send him flirty texts by typing down movie quotes! Make sure he knows the quote so that it is appreciated.
  3. Asking him out: No, it is not something that only guys do. Guys actually like it when girls ask them out. Go ahead, give it a try!

Here is what men hate:

  1. Desperation: Don’t sound desperate by seeking approval all the time. “Did you like my dress?” and the likes of it are not really good all the time. They show that you lack confidence.
  2. Sport, kiddo, and buddy are friendly terms. They will send a message that you are not into him. So, if you want to date this guy, steer clear of such friendly terms.

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Tips for a Healthy Conversation

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. You have to be able to communicate with ease if you want the romance to stay alive and for the bonding to increase. Here are four great communication tips for you:

1. It is not all about talking. Communication involves listening too. Nod and smile when he talks so that he knows you are interested. Don’t busy yourself with something else when he is talking. Pay attention to what he is saying and stop doing whatever it is that you were doing. Make eye contact.

2. Take time out to talk to each other. Life is very stressful and you can easily get engulfed in it. Don’t do that. Take some time out and talk. Talk about your day and relax. It will help you a lot.

3. Ask questions every now and then so as to start a conversation such as what is the one thing you are proud of doing? Was there a big challenge that you faced this week?

4. You will only frustrate your partner if you act like a know-it-all. Give him a chance to speak. Listen and ask questions without drowning him with your suggestions and opinions. Don’t always do the talking.

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Tips for the First Date

First date can be unnerving but by taking the right steps you can avoid all hassle and ensure that your date goes smoothly without any problems. Here are a few tips to follow on your first date:

1. Be confident: Body language speaks a lot and thus, you should have a confident body language even if you are trembling on the inside. When you talk, make sure you make eye contact. Don’t stare though. If your voice is coming out all shaky, stop talking. Take a deep breath and then resume. Don’t tap your fingers continuously or shake your leg nonstop.

2. Talk, but not too much: Don’t get so wrapped up in the date that you forget when to stop talking. Constant jabbering will leave him annoyed. Talk and give him the opportunity to talk too. Ask questions and engage him.

3. Prepare: Preparation is not limited to waxing your legs. Know about the current events so that you know what is going on and you have topics to talk about. Skim through the newspaper before going on the date so that you are well prepared. Steer away from sensitive topics though.

Keeping a Positive Dating Attitude

Dating can leave you miserable. Oh yes, we have all been there. You can’t expect dating to be fun at all times. However, it is important to keep a positive dating attitude because the right one will come along soon. Here’s what you can do:

1. Remember that dating is not really bad. It can be a lot of fun too. You may have had your share of good dates. Remember them and always remember what is great about dating.

2. Dating teaches you a lot. It is your ultimate teacher. You can learn a lot such as what works for you and what does not. Insights can be as small as high heels making you look hot but they can help you a great deal.

3. Celebrate even the smaller things such as improved dating skills. Remember there is much more to dating than just scoring with your boyfriend. If the date went well, be happy and celebrate!

4. If you want a good date, be good. It is as simple as that. You would hate to date someone who thinks all women are the same, right? Likewise, don’t stick with the attitude that all men are the same.

Unique and Exciting Date Ideas

Going out for coffee or a movie have become old. Why not try something new the next time you go on a date? Here is some help:

1. For dog lovers: Why not go to an animal shelter together? You can have oodles of fun playing with kittens and petting dogs. You can also feed them and spend time with them.

2. Balloon splurge: Why not go on a hot air balloon ride? Yes, it is not a normal date but it is very cool! You can have amazing fun together. If things work out between you two, this will probably be the best date ever.

3. Do good: Do some volunteering with your new date and find out more about him. You can do any good deed together and communicate in the meantime. It is always nice to team up and do something for the community while getting acquainted at the same time.

4. Go on a ride together: You don’t need a specific destination. Just board a train and go together. Chat with your date while you use public transport to travel and gaze at the city.

All these may sound weird but they are a lot of fun! You should try these and find out for yourself!

Physical Dos on the First Date

First impressions make a huge impact, they say. It is true too and that is why you should be very careful about your first date especially if you are really interested in the guy. You should know how to look, what to say, how to present yourself and so many other things. Remember that he is paying very close attention to you just as you are to him. Here are a few quick tips to make your first impression the best!

1. Your clothing: The guy will notice everything you wear including the fitting. It is important for you to look sexy but not slutty. Boys hate that. How you dress yourself will determine how the guy treats you.

2. Insecurity: Sure you are nervous because it is your first date. That doesn’t mean you keep twirling your hair or adjusting your lipstick and so many other things. That can really annoy a guy. If you have to, sit on your hands to keep them from doing stupid things. Such fiddling shows shallowness and insecurity both of which don’t go well with men.

3. Departing: Depart with a nice kiss on his cheek or a nice firm hug. This will make him wanna meet up again.

Have Fun During your Date

Are you sick of bad dates? Are you getting bored of one bad date after the other and you want all of it to end? Well, before you give up here are some things for you to follow. They might help you during your next date and make sure it isn’t as gloomy as your previous one.

 Don’t expect: After a point, you will surely get bored of the dates, the dinner, the picnic and the movies. You will start expecting too much. You will think that every guy you date is ‘the one’. Stop expecting so much from each date. Expectations are risky and breeding grounds of disappointment. Just be open-minded and don’t expect anything beforehand.

 Think different: Why not think out of the box and plan on doing something other than the usual dinner and movies during a date? How about doing something on your first date that is not only fun but also very practical? You could go hiking, you could go bowling or you could even play mini-golf.

 Lead: Make sure the date goes well by taking the initiative of it. Suggest things and stop expecting him to do everything for you. If you don’t like something, speak it out and suggest something else.

 Be active: Why always go to a movie and sit there for hours? Why not going and playing? Yeah, the idea of sweating on your first date is not really cool but your date will love it if you actively participate. You could even go on a picnic and pack a Frisbee to play. You will have more fun and you will cherish your date.

The Bests of Long-Term Relationships

Being in love is an amazing feeling. It boosts your self-esteem, it makes you feel great and you have a lot of energy when you are in a relationship. Here are some huge benefits of long-term love. I am sure you will agree!

 Intimacy and affection: This is not just about sex. Small things can make us feel great and that is what I am talking about here. Even the smallest forms of intimacy and affection can make you feel very special. A hug during strife or a kiss before going to bed, a back rub or a shoulder squeeze –they can all do magic and you can take advantage of these when you are in a long-term relationship.

 Support: Not only will you share love, you will share shoulders. He will be yours and you will be his. You can talk to him about anything and everything possible and he will listen. He will listen to your doubts, your concerns, your problems and everything else. Being able to open up is a huge bonus.

 Friendship: Sharing everything with him will also make him your friend. So you will have a lover as well as a friend packed in one. You can laugh with him, share stupid jokes, get retarded at times and be yourself completely.

 Goals: In a long-term relationship, you are no more one. You are a team. You work together and that builds your relationship. Doing something alone or trying to accomplish something alone is always difficult. Having someone by you makes it easier. That someone is your lover when you are in a healthy long-term relationship.

Winter Romance

Winter is fast arriving and even though we might want to do nothing better than simply snuggle and forget everything else, hibernation is not for humans. While summers can be magical for relationships, winters could be rough. Oh, don’t lose hope. There are many things that you could do even during winter to keep the spark alive:

 You could rent a cabin. Sip wine and get cosy near a roaring fire. It is the most romantic! You could try escaping from everything and simply enjoy the beautiful snow from a cabin. If you want a little adventure too, you could try winter activities like skiing, snowshoeing, etc.

 Taking a hike is another cool idea. Winter hiking can be a lot of fun. You can dress in a number of layers, wear your boots and move. Winter will only be annoying if you find it annoying. There are a number of things that you could do like hiking to enjoy winter. Pack hot soup or tea and get your camera too! You can click loads of pictures and have a fun outing.

 You could even plan an indoor picnic. Going out during winters is not really appealing to everyone. Why not just plan an indoor picnic thus? Lay a blanket on the floor and you can set up a meal for your guy. You can get creative with the food and of, course romantic! Candles will do the trick for you along with some music.

 If you can’t stand the cold at all, take a break. You can go for a vacation with your guy. Explore the possibilities of having fun in winter. There are many.

Bust These Love Myths

Oh love and myths go hand in hand. It feels awesome to live in a fairyland waiting for ‘Prince Charming’ to come your way. But reality is far from all this. There are certain beliefs that are a simply wrong and nonexistent. It is time we surfaced out of them and faced reality for what it really is. Here are three very popular myths:

 He will complete you: Yes, it is always good to hope that the guy of your dreams will help you be at your best and make you feel complete. But believing so is simply silly. Instead of wanting him to complete you, you should want him to be your equal. He should love you for what you are and not change you. He is no magician to make everything in your life fall into place just by walking in. You need to deal with your own issues; whatever they may be. If you wait for ‘him’ to come and make everything all right, it won’t work. Be strong, be happy. Then wait for the right guy!

 Marriage is everything: Marriage is special. Agreed! The conviction that you found your soul mate is amazing. Agreed to that too. But marriage is definitely not everything. Your life should not revolve around it completely. You shouldn’t walk through life thinking marriage is the ultimate goal. You have a future. You have individual goals too such as finding the job you always wanted to do! Learn as much as possible, love yourself at each step.

 Being single is a Curse: No, it is not! Being single does not suck! Getting ditched sucks, break-ups suck for sure but being single is far from it. There is absolutely no harm in being single. If you fear being single, you’ll be stuck in a relationship you are not even happy about. When you are single, focus on the other aspects of life – friends, job, self-improvement, doing things that your ex never let you do, explore yourself and see how much happiness you give yourself!