How to hint at marriage without scaring him off

You are in a beautiful relationship and are ready for the next step, marriage. But, you are endlessly waiting for your guy to pop the question. Talking about marriage isn’t easy. No one knows how the discussion will be before they actually come to it.

Fret not. Here’s how you can gently hint him to marriage without looking desperate and scaring him off:

  • The best time to broach the topic is when someone you both know got engaged. You can cosy up together under a blanket with him and then casually bring up the topic without being very obvious. Tell him how beautiful it was to see the engaged couple promise to spend their lives together and how they are made for each other. Your guy will most probably get the hint. If he turns jittery or outright disagrees, tread lightly or you might burn your fingers.
  • Talk about your parents and his parent’s relationships. That will help you a great deal in knowing what he thinks about the institution of marriage. If his parents have had a healthy marriage, you are lucky because he has a model to look toward. If not, he might be embittered by his past and may be scared to commit. In that case, if he is really worth having, get him to see a counsellor to help his heal his past wounds and become more comfortable with committing long term.
  • When you’ll are curled up in bed catching up on romantic flicks, ask him questions on the lines of whether he believes there’s one person for everyone. Ask him what he thinks of infidelity and monogamy. Bringing up monogamy is a coded way of discussing marriage.
  • When your guy is around, casually browse through jewellery boards on Pinterest and point out to rings that make you swoon. Not only will he get the hint, but will also know the exact kind of ring he needs to buy before popping the big question.

There you go! That’s how you hint without him knowing that you are. Here’s to a proposal as soon as you’d like it to be.

4 ways to avoid dating the wrong person

Picked Mr. Wrong again? Oh no, there’s nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong with the world. And, there’s nothing wrong with your expectations or preferences! It is just that you are either willing to try dating anyone you meet or that you don’t know how to avoid Mr. Wrong.

Here are a few tips:

  1. An unhealthy relationship with his mother: Moms are very important and how he interacts with his will tell you all you need to know. If he depends too much on her or if he tends to avoid her (the two extremes), things can be bad for both of you. You may have to live with this. You may either be compared to her at every step or you may have to make peace with the fact that he never talks to her. Do you really want to date someone like that?
  2. He goes on and on about his ex: This clearly shows that he is not over her. Stay away.
  3. His treatment towards his ex-wife is really bad: He may have unresolved anger issues with her or he may use abusive language for her. This is a cue to how he will behave with you when you have arguments. Such men are best avoided.
  4. He never has time for you: Yes, it is okay for men to be independent but if he barely has time for you, forgets your birthday, and would much rather do something else, it is time to move on.

It is much better to wait for Mr. Right than to put yourself through emotional hell dating the wrong ones.

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How to create the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise

There is nothing like being at the receiving end of a lovely surprise on Valentine’s Day, from your spouse. Why not give exactly that to your better half this Valentine’s Day, and make him delightfully happy.

Here’s what you should do to plan the perfect surprise:

  • Always thoroughly investigate your partner’s choices (if you don’t already know what they are). You should know what he likes, what he wants, and where will he be available on that day so you can plan a surprise accordingly.
  • Learn how you will keep it a secret throughout. Practice your poker face and your calm body language well beforehand.
  • Take the help of your friends of his’, because the best surprises are often a group effort. They can flood you with ideas, and help you with specific deliveries and decorations if any.
  • Lastly plan everything to the last detail, beforehand. You don’t want any oops moments spinning your surprise on the very day.
  • Stay calm and throw the surprise. Don’t be jittery. An overflow of love always makes up for any flaws there might be in the surprise.

Go plan the most beautiful surprise, he has ever been given

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4 Signs That He Is Going To Propose

We are all waiting for that special moment: the proposal. We dream of it for years and when we met “the” man, we wait for the day to come. Are you waiting too? There may be signs that you are missing about his big plan! Let’s see:

  1. He is edgy and there doesn’t seem to be a reason: Is he being jumpy out of nowhere? Is he nervous? Well, that’s because he is planning vigorously and/or because he has bought the ring and is really holding on to it with dear life so you don’t find out.
  2. He has planned a trip: If a big trip is in the offing, chances are a proposal is too. Check for sudden plans and a trip that’s basically all planned out. If he just comes to you and turns into a professional travel agent.
  3. He is being strange: Strange behavior is probably because he is thinking too much and freaking out. He is under a lot of pressure to make it just right!
  4. He is saving money – a lot of it: If he is suddenly very careful about his money and is saving a lot, it is perhaps to save up for the special ring.

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3 Expert Dating Tips To Follow

There are a few things about dating that you must keep in mind. You could call them rules if you wish but make sure you follow them! This is coming straight from the experts who are experienced and have had their share of bad relationships. Let’s just save ourselves the trouble of first-hand experience then.

  1. Texting is a big NO! Texting once in a while is fine but if he only texts you and never calls, the dude is a loser. You may be wary of direct human interaction or speaking on the phone may be awkward but a relationship on text is not advisable. PICK UP THE PHONE!
  2. Don’t be the first one to call in the morning after the big night. You slept together finally and it was great. Awesome. We know you want to call immediately and speak about it because you are too polite. Resist that! Be cool. If you appear clingy, he will run.
  3. Drama is a red signal. If there is too much drama right from the start, he is not the guy for you. A relationship with your perfect guy will be simple.

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Breakup Advice That You Must Remember

Breakups are hard. They simply suck. However, at one point you realize you have reached the end of the road and it is time to part ways. If that’s what’s on your mind, you might want to go through the following tips:

  1. Break up with him directly. Do not text or do it over the phone. Some people do it through Facebook! I mean, come on! Strap on a pair and do it face to face.
  2. Delete him from life completely. Remove him from your contact list, from your messenger, from Skype, from WhatsApp, and from Facebook.
  3. Give your reason. Honestly. Tell him what the problem is. He deserves to know.
  4. Indulge! You will need chocolates and pizzas more than ever! If you don’t like eating too much (the waistline!) you could go shopping or go for a nice long massage. Pamper yourself the way you want to. You’ll feel relaxed!
  5. Change! Get a new haircut! Change your staple dressing sense! Start a new career! Explore new possibilities!

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3 Myths About Men Debunked

All men are NOT the same. Seriously, we should stop saying that!

We call men cold. We say they don’t understand relationships. We also say that are afraid of commitment and that they only want sex. Erm. No. May be some men are like that but if you are the right one for him, he will go bonkers over you in every aspect. Keeping that in mind, let’s debunk a few myths about them:

  1. They have commitment issues: The right guy will be more than happy to commit. Tell us seriously, have you wanted to commit and settle down with every single guy you have dated or met? No, right? That is the same with men. The only difference is that most men are slightly more cautious. They either do not show their feelings or don’t not let themselves think about commitment until they are sure they are with the right one.
  2. They only want sex: Yes, they want sex but that is not the only thing on their mind. Good guys want sex but they also want emotional connection. Those are the men you want to date. Some pricks will be there, of course. You just have to weed them out.
  3. They are not very romantic: Oh, you are absolutely wrong! Men are extremely romantic. They are emotional and they want to do wonderful things for you. But again, you have to give them time. They are not women!

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3 Ways To Breakup

They say that you should be straightforward and honest when you have to breakup with him. We disagree.

While being honest will work at times, you can’t really generalize it. Under some circumstances you have to be gentle and nice so that you don’t hurt him. Different situations need different tactics and we are here to help you with the same:

  1. Very Gentle: Be very gentle with him if he is a good guy but is weird in some way that you can’t stand. Here, you have no other option but to lie to him so that you do not hurt him. Of course, you may think this is totally unethical and wrong but being rude and ending it on a bad note with him will not help either of you. Be gentle. Be nice.
  2. Gentle: He is a nice guy but things aren’t working between you two. He is not doing anything wrong but you just don’t feel a connection. If this is the case, you should be gentle. Say that you are not ready for a relationship or that this is just not the right time. Let him down easy.
  3. Mean: If he is horrible or if he demeans you or if he just has very annoying and weird habits, you can be mean to him. Be honest and brutal if need be and end the relationship. He may want to pick up a fight but just ignore and move on. You don’t even need to say it face-to-face. Do it over chat. Finish it.

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Signs That He May Never Want To Get Married

You are dating him and you really like him. You want to take things forward but there’s nothing from his side. What now?

Once we have dated a person for quite a while, regardless of how much we try, we end up thinking about the future – marriage and kids! However, months pass by and you don’t even get a hint from him about his thoughts. Does he not want to marry you? May be. Here are signs that affirmatively suggest so:

  1. He says it openly: Guys who say they don’t want to get married actually mean it. Some guys are truly open about it. So if he has every told you seriously that marriage is not on the cards, it is not.
  2. He only wants to hang out with his friends: Okay, boys need time with other guys. They want to watch the match and have some beers and play some games. You can’t expect your man to be with you round the clock. However, if your guy does not else other than hang out with his friends, it spells trouble.
  3. His work is his priority: These days you will find men who are so workaholic that they do not value relationships. Work always comes first for them and they would give up anything for it. It is time you realized that such people do not make great mates or even parents. Do you really want your kids to have a dad who doesn’t spend time with them?
  4. His parents are divorced: Estimates suggest that 75% men who have divorced parents hate the entire concept of marriage because they are scarred. Thus, if your guy comes from a broken family, may be he doesn’t want to risk getting married ever.

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Men Unveiled

Men don’t express but that doesn’t mean they don’t have expectations.

Call them egotistic or call them stubborn but coaxing a guy to share what he expects and feels is very difficult. However, there is no need to get frustrated.

Men Unveiled

We have guys decoded for you, telling you what they usually want from their girlfriends or partners:

  1. They want you to be honest. They treasure your reactions and they want you to be honest. Don’t try faking it – they always know.
  2. Laugh! Your guy simply loves your laugh and would do anything to make you laugh. Laugh more often and be happy. Also, develop a sense of humor! Laugh at yourself at times.
  3. Don’t try to change your man. Accept him for who he is and love him. If you are not happy with the way he is you might as well just part ways. Don’t ever try to change him.
  4. Give him his space. This is really important. You may want to spend each and every minute with your man but men are different. He wants some time alone and he wants some time with his friends. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. That’s just how men are.
  5. Trust him. Don’t try spying him or being after him all the time. If he says something, you trust him. That is very important. Where there is no trust there is no love.

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