Celebrate Canada Day With a Plate of Poutine

Today’s not just the start of a new month; it also happens to be Canada Day. In honor of the holiday, why not prepare a batch of poutine? We’ll show you how to make the bar favorite, from the fries to the pork sausage gravy. Check out the video, then be sure to print out the recipe, too.

A Chocolate Pudding That’s Tasty and healthy

Pudding made in a blender? You better believe it. Here’s a milk-chocolate pudding recipe from chef Matthew Kenny that is raw, easy to make, and full of healthy fats. How does he make this dish so flavorful without dairy, eggs, or cooking? Watch this video to learn his secrets, and then whip up your own batch at home.

Get the Dish: Napa Valley Grille’s Kale Chopped Salad

Is there any more beloved vegetable right now than dark, leafy kale? It’s the star of one of the signature dishes at Napa Valley Grille, the kale chopped salad. Host Brandi Milloy goes behind the scenes with the restaurant’s executive chef, Taylor Boudreaux, to find out what goes into this guest and celebrity favorite. Spoiler: it’s shockingly fast and simple!

Home Bar Basic: Make a Classic Mint Julep!

Headed to the horse races this weekend — or just looking to cool off? Then settle in with a frosty mint julep. It’s a drink that’s perfectly balanced: it’s sweet, clean, and potent all at the same time. Although it involves crushed ice, it’s an easy cocktail to make at home. Watch the video now to see how it’s done.

Flourless Double-Chocolate Pecan Cookies

Whether you’re following a gluten-diet or just love the taste of intensely chocolaty treats, Everyday Food editor Sarah Carey has the cookie for you. Watch as she shows you how easy it is to make a delicious, flourless double-chocolate pecan cookie.

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Whet Your Appetite With This Campari and White Wine Cocktail

As the weather warms, turn to a classic Italian aperitif, the Bicyclette, as your go-to cocktail. This orange-hued drink is both bracing and slightly bitter, which makes it perfect for whetting appetites before bar snacks or dinner. The best part? All you really need is three ingredients that you probably already have at home. Keep watching to learn how to make this picnic-perfect tipple.