Every man needs to know this before marriage!

There are so many wonderful single men out there who are unwilling to tie the knot because they have unrealistic expectations and dread meeting the wall. Ask a happily married guy, and he will tell you that marriage requires adjustment and it’s not rosy all the time but still totally worth it.

So here’s to all you guys who have sky high expectations:

  • You are more difficult to live with than you think you are. If your closest relationship is with your buddies, you always know you can leave them behind if things get messy. But, if you have a spouse, she will stick around despite you being unorganised, telling jokes that aren’t funny, or snoring too loud. And that will make you change for the better.
  • Know that no matter how good your wife is, she has issues too. She isn’t just about a pretty face and an adjusting nature. Her emotional baggage and insecurities might be just as vexing as yours but is just going through them differently. So, yes, it does get perplexing sometimes but it’s okay!
  • Your mother had a different role to play in your life. You can’t be expecting off your wife what you expected of your mom. She might not have all the strengths your mom did, but that also means she doesn’t have all the weaknesses. She isn’t your mother and don’t ever forget that.
  • Married sex IS wonderful. Movies have got us to believe that sex is only good when it is promiscuous. Spending a whole life with someone, sharing millions of touches and knowing exactly what will give pleasure when, is far better than the thrill of casual sex.

There you go! Marriage isn’t a bed of roses. But it’s beautiful. Go embrace the challenge and you will soon realize it’s so worth it.

How to deal with the agony of rejection

At some stage in our lives, most of girls have been in an emotional pit – Hankering after a guy, who isn’t into us and then blame ourselves, the guy, and worse, think something is wrong with us. The problem is that when we lose our heart to someone, we go all out taking efforts to please the guy and then when the rejection comes, we choose to look at the events in a particular way and attach negative meanings to it and invite pain.

Follow these tips if you’ve been rejected lately and trust, it will make the process easier:

  • Don’t fight your emotions. If you feel and release your emotions, you will notice the angst and pain will dissipate sooner. Bottling up feelings and forcefully trying to look happy hasn’t helped anyone. So scream, cry and do whatever that will make you vent your feelings and start feeling lighter.
  • Stop dwelling on the past endlessly. Instead concentrate on the future. Set goals for yourself and dream about what you aspire to be and then work relentlessly towards it. This will help you forget your past easier.
  • Take responsibility for what you got yourself into. Think maturely and feel more in control that way. Being in the victim mode will make us sulk deeper and we don’t want that.
  • Learn from the experience. Take the bad dating experience and pick out the vital lessons from it. When you learn from your mistakes, you avoid more heartaches later in life. Sweet deal!
  • When we are down in the rut, we slouch, we have low energy, and we tend to become more lethargic. If you get your physiology in place, your emotions will follow too. So stand tall, breathe in fresh air, exercise, and eat a nutrition rich diet. You will be amazed at how much better that makes you feel.

Now cheer up girl! The world’s waiting for you.

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How to create the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise

There is nothing like being at the receiving end of a lovely surprise on Valentine’s Day, from your spouse. Why not give exactly that to your better half this Valentine’s Day, and make him delightfully happy.

Here’s what you should do to plan the perfect surprise:

  • Always thoroughly investigate your partner’s choices (if you don’t already know what they are). You should know what he likes, what he wants, and where will he be available on that day so you can plan a surprise accordingly.
  • Learn how you will keep it a secret throughout. Practice your poker face and your calm body language well beforehand.
  • Take the help of your friends of his’, because the best surprises are often a group effort. They can flood you with ideas, and help you with specific deliveries and decorations if any.
  • Lastly plan everything to the last detail, beforehand. You don’t want any oops moments spinning your surprise on the very day.
  • Stay calm and throw the surprise. Don’t be jittery. An overflow of love always makes up for any flaws there might be in the surprise.

Go plan the most beautiful surprise, he has ever been given

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Why You Should Consider Dating Someone Out of Your Race

We are way past racism now and how amazing is that? If that’s not reason enough to explore other cultures, we will give you a few more!

Interracial relationships apparently come with numerous benefits. Restricting yourself to a particular race or country is pure nonsense.

  1. It shows confidence: Not everyone is willing to date someone out of his or her culture. That is why it shows confidence and the fact that he or she doesn’t care about what people think.
  2. You might make mistakes and you might say stuff that you don’t mean! But at the end of the day you’ll learn from every error. That will help you get attached. You will also laugh at those silly mistakes.
  3. You will learn how people think. Not everyone has the same train of thought as you. You will learn that when you date someone out of your race.
  4. When you step out of your comfort zone you will see that there are many more fish in the sea than you even dreamt!
  5. It is all about love! You will be a very strong person and you’ll stand for what you believe in regardless of what people tell. Love conquers!

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Signs That He May Never Want To Get Married

You are dating him and you really like him. You want to take things forward but there’s nothing from his side. What now?

Once we have dated a person for quite a while, regardless of how much we try, we end up thinking about the future – marriage and kids! However, months pass by and you don’t even get a hint from him about his thoughts. Does he not want to marry you? May be. Here are signs that affirmatively suggest so:

  1. He says it openly: Guys who say they don’t want to get married actually mean it. Some guys are truly open about it. So if he has every told you seriously that marriage is not on the cards, it is not.
  2. He only wants to hang out with his friends: Okay, boys need time with other guys. They want to watch the match and have some beers and play some games. You can’t expect your man to be with you round the clock. However, if your guy does not else other than hang out with his friends, it spells trouble.
  3. His work is his priority: These days you will find men who are so workaholic that they do not value relationships. Work always comes first for them and they would give up anything for it. It is time you realized that such people do not make great mates or even parents. Do you really want your kids to have a dad who doesn’t spend time with them?
  4. His parents are divorced: Estimates suggest that 75% men who have divorced parents hate the entire concept of marriage because they are scarred. Thus, if your guy comes from a broken family, may be he doesn’t want to risk getting married ever.

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Men Unveiled

Men don’t express but that doesn’t mean they don’t have expectations.

Call them egotistic or call them stubborn but coaxing a guy to share what he expects and feels is very difficult. However, there is no need to get frustrated.

Men Unveiled

We have guys decoded for you, telling you what they usually want from their girlfriends or partners:

  1. They want you to be honest. They treasure your reactions and they want you to be honest. Don’t try faking it – they always know.
  2. Laugh! Your guy simply loves your laugh and would do anything to make you laugh. Laugh more often and be happy. Also, develop a sense of humor! Laugh at yourself at times.
  3. Don’t try to change your man. Accept him for who he is and love him. If you are not happy with the way he is you might as well just part ways. Don’t ever try to change him.
  4. Give him his space. This is really important. You may want to spend each and every minute with your man but men are different. He wants some time alone and he wants some time with his friends. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. That’s just how men are.
  5. Trust him. Don’t try spying him or being after him all the time. If he says something, you trust him. That is very important. Where there is no trust there is no love.

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Three Ways to Sound Intelligent to your Date

Want to sound intelligent on your first date? Easy!

Intelligence is a huge turn on and that is why many women try sounding intelligent. Being intelligent is one thing and portraying it or showing it is different. In your nervousness you will come across as plain awkward even though you are generally very intelligent. In order to avoid such situations, here is some advice:

Three Ways to Sound Intelligent to your Date

  1. Stay on board with current events. What is going on in the world? You don’t need to go into the details but if you just watch the news once in a while or go through the newspaper you will know what’s happening. An informed girl is always appealing.
  2. Be clever while asking questions. You may want to know more about his work or something else. The best thing to do would be to frame your questions likewise. Ask relevant questions and be witty about it.
  3. Don’t try being someone you are not. Be yourself and be confident. If you try too hard your date will see right through you. That will cast the wrong impression. He will think you are trying to be too smart. That will turn him off completely.

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Avoiding Over Obsession

Being single can be tough especially when you like a guy who does not have the same feelings for you.

Avoiding Over Obsession

It must have happened to you in school and college. It may be happening right now. However, that doesn’t mean you obsess over him. There are plenty of fish in the sea. He is not the only guy out there. There are plenty who are better than him.

Follow these tips to avoid over obsessing:

  1. A little obsession is okay. You don’t need to worry about that. But you should limit yourself. Set a time limit if required and don’t cross it. Boundaries will keep you in check. Two days are enough to mope. Move on after that.
  2. Reward yourself! You will feel much better and you will not obsess over the guy anymore. Get a pedicure and manicure. Buy a cute dress. Take a day off! Do whatever relaxes you and you will feel better.
  3. Meet another guy. This is the simplest and the best tactic. Instead of sitting in your house, eating loads of ice cream, and moping, you should date someone else. Like I said, he may be even better than the guy you currently like!

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Things that Men Love to Hear

The right things said at the right time can create magic.

Sadly, men are mysterious and we barely know what they want! We try experimenting and sometimes, it hits the target. How about knowing what to say? Imagine how happy you’d be able to make your man!

Things that Men Love to Hear

Here are a few things – straight from the men themselves – for you to know:

  1. Guys love knowing that their girlfriend’s BFFs like them. BFFs can ruin relationships in a jiffy. Knowing that your guy is approved will help him breathe with ease.
  2. Compliment him on his body! Not directly, though. Say, have you been going to the gym? And look at the smile that he responds with.
  3. If he looks nice, TELL HIM. Wouldn’t you want to be told so when you look great? The same goes with men. If he looks handsome, just smile and compliment him. He will love it.
  4. Last one-liner that will floor him: Let’s get out of here! This will work no matter where you guys are.

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Signs that Say He are Not in Love with You

In love? May be. May be not.

Are you confused about your relationship status? Are you not able to determine whether your man likes you or not?

Signs that Say He are Not in Love with You

Watch his actions more than paying attention to his words to find out whether he means it when he says he loves you.

  1. Does your relationship make you feel drained on a physical, emotional, and mental level. If yes, this is not love. Love will make you feel empowered and not drained.
  2. If you are in love, everything will feel right automatically. When you are not in love, things will be the exact opposite. If he keeps telling you that you are not good enough or its likes, this is not love!
  3. Does he humiliate you and mock you not just when you are alone but also in public? Does he always make fun of you? He is not in love.
  4. Does he control you? No guy who is in love will feel the need to boss over you. If your guy is controlling you and you are just following his desires, it is not love.