5 things your dog’s tail is trying to tell you

Your dog’s tail speaks more than you understand at the moment. Yes, it is true that dogs wag their tails when they are happy but that’s not the only thing they use their tails for. Here’s a dog-tail cheat-sheet for you.

  1. If his tail is wagging at the rear end held high, he is playful
  2. If his tail is low and wagging slowly, he is being cautious and suspicious
  3. He is aggressive if his tail is wagging but his rear end is steady
  4. If it is not wagging at all and is straight up, he is aggressive
  5. If his tail is tucked between his legs, he is scared and submissive.

Understand these signs to understand your dog better. He will appreciate it.

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How to get rid of pet hair from all over your house

IF you have a furry pet around your house, chances are you are fretting over the thought of vacuuming the whole house to get rid of your pet’s hair from your house. Well, tell you what, we have got some genius ways to get that pet hair off your furniture, carpet, and floors without having to even touch the vacuum cleaner!

Here’s what you can do:

  • Tear a piece of masking tape and join the ends together. Now roll the tape on your clothing or upholstery to remove the hair.
  • Dump all hair(y) clothes in the washing machine along with a static sheet. Turn the machine to dryer setting, switch it on, and see the magic.
  • Wrap duct tape around your hands with the sticky side out. Now make swipes on your furniture, and be amazed.
  • Even the sole of your trainer shoes could be put to good use (if they already aren’t). Brush on the carpet, and watch the hair come off. Bet you didn’t know that.

Lastly take good care of your furry friend. A skin and coat health supplement and regular brushing, will work wonders against excessive shedding. Prevention is always better than cure we say!

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DIY Dry Shampoo For Dogs

Want to pamper your furball more than you already do? May be make him an excellent dry shampoo that’s safe and organic? We have the procedure for you right here:

You will need:

  1. Baking soda: 3 tbsp.
  2. Cornstarch: 3 tbsp.
  3. Salt and pepper shaker
  4. Skin safe vanilla fragrance: 6 drops
  5. Measuring spoons
  6. Mixing bowl and spoon


  1. Take the mixing bowl and combine all three ingredients together.
  2. Transfer this to the salt and peppershaker.
  3. Label it.

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4 Ways to be Active While Avoiding Dog Flu

Canine influenza is apparently doing the rounds. It is also known as dog flu and has taken quite a few lives in the country. Avoiding the sickness is the best bet but that doesn’t mean you devoid your dog of exercise and play time. We have some great tips for you that will help you spend quality time with him without risking the disease:

  1. Don’t play fetch. Play footrace. Challenge your dog to a footrace instead of asking him to fetch his toy.
  2. Let your boy have some fun in the water. Set up a kiddie pool in your backyard and watch as he enjoys himself.
  3. Go to the local park instead of the dog park. Head there early in the morning so that you avoid families.
  4. Run up and down the stairs: This is perfect for you and your dog. Run up and down the stairs about five times and you’ll both be exhausted from the exercise!

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About The German shepherd

German Shepherds are beautiful dogs! They are known to be excellent police dogs but they have so much more to their personality than just that. Let’s discover:

  1. They are highly intelligent. They will not rest until they find a solution!
  2. They love toys and do NOT like sharing!
  3. They may be large dogs but they will remain your kids forever.
  4. They have a great understanding of your emotions and feelings. They KNOW when you are sad.
  5. They love being engaged. Give them a job and they will be the happiest beings!
  6. They shed and shed and shed!
  7. They are known to be fierce but can also be extremely gentle.
  8. They love water.
  9. They think they are small, lap dogs and will make sure you get on board with that!

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5 Dog Breeds That Are Quite Hard To Train

Some pooches are very easy to train while some others need a lot of time and patience because they are either overexcited or stubborn. This is an important consideration before you adopt a dog because you should be aware of the training requirements and whether you can give your dog enough time.

Let’s take a look at some dog breeds that are quite difficult to train:

  1. Dalmation: Dalmations are highly active and energetic breeds. They love getting attention and playing around happily. They need mental and physical exercise. If you don’t get them enough time they get disobedient.
  2. Pugs: Pugs are highly energetic as well. They are very smart but they get bored easily during training. However, they are also very sensitive. That is why the trainer must be patient, confident, and soft at the same time.
  3. Basset hound: Basset hounds are very sweet dogs but they are very stubborn. They don’t care for discipline or house breaking. That is why they need sweet tempered owners who can be very patient with them.
  4. Chow Chow: These dogs are dominant but will become subordinates if lead properly. They need regular and consistent training. Untrained Chow Chows are aggressive and have behavioral problems.
  5. Mastiffs: This gentle giant needs tender but firm training. Otherwise, he won’t respond well to you. This is because mastiffs want to be dominant and you will have a hard time teaching your mastiff that he isn’t the pack leader.

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Learning About The Bullmastiff

Looking to adopt a furry little pet? How about a bullmastiff? Don’t know much about the breed? Read on to find out:

Main Traits:

  1. Intelligent
  2. Energetic
  3. Devoted
  4. Fearless
  5. Make great guard dogs


Bullmastiffs are part bulldogs and part mastiffs. They were bred in England originally to keep poachers away. The guard estates wanted a breed that was fiercer than a mastiff and larger than a bulldog. Bullmastiffs are common police dogs great guard dogs.

About The Breed:

  1. Coat: dense and short
  2. Lifespan: 8 – 10 years
  3. Size: 100 – 130 pounds
  4. Color: Brindle, fawn, or red
  5. Hypoallergenic: No

These dogs are large and powerful. They have a short muzzle with a large head. They have dark eyes and a black nose. Their tail may be curved or straight.

Bullmastiff is the perfect breed for you if you have a small yard (seeing that they are large and energetic). These dogs love kids and other pets. Also, they are fearless but sensitive as well. They will attack at the clue of danger but can be emotionally hurt for a long time if yelled at or punished. They don’t bark often but when they do, they are loud. They are easy to groom but they drool quite a lot.

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All About The Pug

Pugs! Pugs are goofy little animals with so much love to give that you won’t be able to contain it! These ridiculously cute lap dogs are among the top favorites because of their patience and their love for kids. Let’s learn a thing or two about them:

Enlisted below are a few characteristics of these adorable dogs:

  1. They are toy dogs.
  2. They are good with kids, which means they are perfect for families.
  3. They live longer than many other breeds (12-14 years on an average). A few dogs have lived for up to 20 years as well.
  4. Their coat is smooth, fine, and short.
  5. They are low maintenance dogs.
  6. They need minimal exercise.
  7. They are not hypoallergenic.
  8. Their wrinkles and their curled up tail are the two most adorable features ever.
  9. They may be fawn, silver, black, or apricot in color.

If you have kids at home, be sure to supervise the kids (yes, the kids). Kids may not realize that your little puggy is a living thing and not a soft toy. Squeezing him too hard may hurt him. You can be rest assured that the pug will take good care of the babies and love them endlessly. Just note that they shed quite a lot. Unless you are ready to see your entire house littered with tiny pug hair, these darlings are not for you.

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4 Signs That Your Dog Is In Pain

Dogs cannot show pain like you can. That is why it is important to be vigilant. When your dog is in pain he will show a few obvious signs that you should catch and do the needful immediately. Drooling too much or limping are obvious signs but here are 4 that you might not realize:

  1. Heavy breathing: If he is excited or stressed, panting is okay. If he pants for no reason, he is in pain.
  2. Too much licking or biting: If your dog licks a particular part of his body or even bites it, he is experiencing pain in that area. From broken nails to open wounds to tumors, dogs will lick the area that causes them pain.
  3. Loss of appetite: Dogs refuse to eat in pain or when they are hurt. If he does not touch his food some day, may be that’s because he is in pain especially in the neck region.
  4. Behavioral change: If you see a sharp change in his behavior, such as sudden aggression, sadness, and lack of interest, he may be in pain.

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The Royal Pug!

Planning on adding a furry member to your family?

If you are looking for a small dog, a pug is the way to go! Pugs are sweet, naughty, excellent with kids, and make great friends. This royal breed will sleep beside you and snore into your ear so cutely that you’ll even love snores! He will snort in your face as an expression of love, leaving you laughing in delight. What a way to relax in the middle of a hectic day, isn’t it?

If you have toddlers at home, you can bring in a pug. However, make sure your teach your little one that he is not a toy even though he looks like one. Pugs do not need too much exercise and if you live in an apartment, he will be the perfect friend for you.

Keep in mind here, though, that pugs need human companionship. They want to be with you all the time. If you travel too much, your pug will be lonely and depressed.

Lastly, pugs shed. They shed a lot. You will have little hairs all over the house after you bring home a pug. Thus, if you are allergic or if you want this to be neat all the time, a pug will not be ideal for you.

Cuddle with this dog, listen to him snore, endure his snorts and sneezes, and laugh as he makes funny expressions with his goofy face. This one is a delight!

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