4 ways to avoid dating the wrong person

Picked Mr. Wrong again? Oh no, there’s nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong with the world. And, there’s nothing wrong with your expectations or preferences! It is just that you are either willing to try dating anyone you meet or that you don’t know how to avoid Mr. Wrong.

Here are a few tips:

  1. An unhealthy relationship with his mother: Moms are very important and how he interacts with his will tell you all you need to know. If he depends too much on her or if he tends to avoid her (the two extremes), things can be bad for both of you. You may have to live with this. You may either be compared to her at every step or you may have to make peace with the fact that he never talks to her. Do you really want to date someone like that?
  2. He goes on and on about his ex: This clearly shows that he is not over her. Stay away.
  3. His treatment towards his ex-wife is really bad: He may have unresolved anger issues with her or he may use abusive language for her. This is a cue to how he will behave with you when you have arguments. Such men are best avoided.
  4. He never has time for you: Yes, it is okay for men to be independent but if he barely has time for you, forgets your birthday, and would much rather do something else, it is time to move on.

It is much better to wait for Mr. Right than to put yourself through emotional hell dating the wrong ones.

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A Few Embarrassing Meet Cutes

You think meet-cutes happen only in movies? You are wrong. They can happen in real life and they absolutely do! While it seems very cute and fun, sometimes, it can be embarrassing. That is when meet-cutes happen at the wrong time.

  1. It may happen when you are involved with another guy who you think is your soul mate.
  2. You may end up tripping or walking straight into the pole!
  3. You may be drunk. A lot.
  4. You may be busy trying woo the idiot who dumped you.
  5. You absolutely HATE commitments.
  6. You bump into your high school BFF. Oops.

Has any one of these happened to you? Share with us!

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Why You Should Consider Dating Someone Out of Your Race

We are way past racism now and how amazing is that? If that’s not reason enough to explore other cultures, we will give you a few more!

Interracial relationships apparently come with numerous benefits. Restricting yourself to a particular race or country is pure nonsense.

  1. It shows confidence: Not everyone is willing to date someone out of his or her culture. That is why it shows confidence and the fact that he or she doesn’t care about what people think.
  2. You might make mistakes and you might say stuff that you don’t mean! But at the end of the day you’ll learn from every error. That will help you get attached. You will also laugh at those silly mistakes.
  3. You will learn how people think. Not everyone has the same train of thought as you. You will learn that when you date someone out of your race.
  4. When you step out of your comfort zone you will see that there are many more fish in the sea than you even dreamt!
  5. It is all about love! You will be a very strong person and you’ll stand for what you believe in regardless of what people tell. Love conquers!

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Three Ways to Sound Intelligent to your Date

Want to sound intelligent on your first date? Easy!

Intelligence is a huge turn on and that is why many women try sounding intelligent. Being intelligent is one thing and portraying it or showing it is different. In your nervousness you will come across as plain awkward even though you are generally very intelligent. In order to avoid such situations, here is some advice:

Three Ways to Sound Intelligent to your Date

  1. Stay on board with current events. What is going on in the world? You don’t need to go into the details but if you just watch the news once in a while or go through the newspaper you will know what’s happening. An informed girl is always appealing.
  2. Be clever while asking questions. You may want to know more about his work or something else. The best thing to do would be to frame your questions likewise. Ask relevant questions and be witty about it.
  3. Don’t try being someone you are not. Be yourself and be confident. If you try too hard your date will see right through you. That will cast the wrong impression. He will think you are trying to be too smart. That will turn him off completely.

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Ensuring a Second Date

So you have had a crush on this guy forever and now you are finally going out with him! Today is your first date. Excited? Nervous? Worried?

Sure there are plenty of emotions rushing through you but you should make sure they don’t get the better out of you.

Ensuring a Second Date

Here are a few tips to impress him so that he arranges a second date:

  1. No interrogation: It is only your first date. Don’t ask about sensitive things such as how much he earns, what his religious views are, which political party he supports, and so on. All these can lead to heated arguments and discomfort. Do you really want that on your first date?
  2. Don’t daydream: You like him does not mean you go daydreaming about spending your life with him while he is talking. If you don’t listen to what he is saying and absently nod, he will get the wrong impression of you.
  3. Flirt a little: A little flirting is healthy but don’t overdo it. Just let him know that you are interested in him. Be subtle.
  4. Don’t stress: Come on, it is only a date. Be yourself and stop stressing about it. The more you stress, the less he will get to see the real you. Stay cool!

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Tips for the First Date

First date can be unnerving but by taking the right steps you can avoid all hassle and ensure that your date goes smoothly without any problems. Here are a few tips to follow on your first date:

1. Be confident: Body language speaks a lot and thus, you should have a confident body language even if you are trembling on the inside. When you talk, make sure you make eye contact. Don’t stare though. If your voice is coming out all shaky, stop talking. Take a deep breath and then resume. Don’t tap your fingers continuously or shake your leg nonstop.

2. Talk, but not too much: Don’t get so wrapped up in the date that you forget when to stop talking. Constant jabbering will leave him annoyed. Talk and give him the opportunity to talk too. Ask questions and engage him.

3. Prepare: Preparation is not limited to waxing your legs. Know about the current events so that you know what is going on and you have topics to talk about. Skim through the newspaper before going on the date so that you are well prepared. Steer away from sensitive topics though.

Keeping a Positive Dating Attitude

Dating can leave you miserable. Oh yes, we have all been there. You can’t expect dating to be fun at all times. However, it is important to keep a positive dating attitude because the right one will come along soon. Here’s what you can do:

1. Remember that dating is not really bad. It can be a lot of fun too. You may have had your share of good dates. Remember them and always remember what is great about dating.

2. Dating teaches you a lot. It is your ultimate teacher. You can learn a lot such as what works for you and what does not. Insights can be as small as high heels making you look hot but they can help you a great deal.

3. Celebrate even the smaller things such as improved dating skills. Remember there is much more to dating than just scoring with your boyfriend. If the date went well, be happy and celebrate!

4. If you want a good date, be good. It is as simple as that. You would hate to date someone who thinks all women are the same, right? Likewise, don’t stick with the attitude that all men are the same.

Unexpected Places to Meet Single Guys

Bars and online dating sites are not the only places to meet guys! There are many places where you can bump into cute guys. Read on for a few unexpected places.

1. The cafeteria in the hospital: You have to eat just like the cute doctors have to. Why not in the same cafeteria?

2. The grocery store: Single guys do their own grocery shopping, you know? Try going to the grocery store during guy friendly hours.

3. Dog park: Go to the popular park with your pup. You will see many guys with their pets there.

4. Movie rental store: Rental stores still exist! Check them out and rent a movie. You might just find a cute guy there.

5. The gym: You don’t need to go to gym and spa combos. Go to the local gym and you will find many guys there. Fancy spas barely have guys! These gyms are cheaper and much better if you are looking for guys!

Compromises to Make to Find Love

Finding love is very dicey. While it is easy for some, others need to struggle quite a lot. If you have been having a bad dating spell, it might be time to make a few changes in yourself. Here are tips that will help you make yourself better so that you find your Mr. Right without much of a problem:

1. Your compulsion of being right: You can’t always be right and it’d be very wrong to think you are. There will be times when you are horribly wrong and there’ll be times when neither of you is right. You have to accept it according to the situation and stop arguing for every little thing.

2. Your idea about the relationship: I am not asking you to compromise with anyone but I am also not asking you to have a particular perspective about relationships and to stubbornly stick to it. Don’t always picture a handsome prince coming and taking you away. Compromise with your belief that only a perfect relationship can work. Relationships actually need work in order to work.

3. Nagging: Stop nagging! Boys hate it. Don’t go on and on about every single thing such as socks on the floor and the dishes and the caps of the toothpaste. If you do, your boyfriend will walk away in no time.

Physical Dos on the First Date

First impressions make a huge impact, they say. It is true too and that is why you should be very careful about your first date especially if you are really interested in the guy. You should know how to look, what to say, how to present yourself and so many other things. Remember that he is paying very close attention to you just as you are to him. Here are a few quick tips to make your first impression the best!

1. Your clothing: The guy will notice everything you wear including the fitting. It is important for you to look sexy but not slutty. Boys hate that. How you dress yourself will determine how the guy treats you.

2. Insecurity: Sure you are nervous because it is your first date. That doesn’t mean you keep twirling your hair or adjusting your lipstick and so many other things. That can really annoy a guy. If you have to, sit on your hands to keep them from doing stupid things. Such fiddling shows shallowness and insecurity both of which don’t go well with men.

3. Departing: Depart with a nice kiss on his cheek or a nice firm hug. This will make him wanna meet up again.