How to make your hair grow super-fast

Growing hair out can be frustrating especially after you have experimented and failed at a haircut and cannot wait for the look to disappear. Well, nothing comes free. So, you have to put in a tad bit of effort to help your hair grow out faster than it ever did.


Here’s the plan:

  • Massage your scalp. It is a proven fact that massaging increases blood flow to the scalp and hence stimulates hair growth. Do a dry massage right after getting up from bed, then do one when your hair is wet in the shower and then once or twice a week massage a conditioning oil on your scalp such as coconut and olive oil.  Use firm massaging strokes and apply a little pressure to ensure optimum stimulation of hair follicles.
  • Use a good exfoliating shampoo. Hair growth has been known to slow down due to build-up of dust and hair product on your scalp. Using an exfoliating shampoo will help unclog scalp pores and rev up your hair production.
  • Treat your hair right. Avoid using heat tools and hair stylers often. They lead to breakage, frays, and dull, brittle hair that will just refuse to grow. If you must use a styler, use an appropriate product on your hair for lesser damage first.
  • Take nutritional supplements. Nutritionists swear by biotin supplements to make hair and nails grow faster and healthier.  Know that beautiful hair is more to do with the inside of your body than the outside. If you eat healthy, you will have healthier hair. Simple.
  • Ensure your diet contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. The former promotes hair growth while the latter helps your scalp create new follicles. So eat your eggs, yoghurt, and lean meat.

There you go! These simple tips will help you grow out your hair faster than you’d expect. Go flaunt long gorgeous tresses.

Honey – the magic gold liquid

Honey. It is really liquid gold! It comes so many health and beauty benefits that you will be surprised! Don’t believe us? Keep reading:

  1. It gives your complexion a natural boost. With regular use your skin will glow and become smoother
  2. It slows down aging
  3. It opens up and unclogs pores
  4. It is full of anti-oxidants
  5. It keeps acne at bay.

Now that we have your attention, here is a DIY honey mask you will love.

You only need raw honey for this mask! Wet your face slightly and apply raw honey in a thin layer. Apply it in a circular motion and leave it on for at least half an hour. Rinse with warm water.

You will notice an immediate glow!

Image Credits: CentralITAlliance/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos

How to choose and apply a fragrance for best results

Like Christian Dior says, “Perfume is the indispensable compliment to the personality of women, the finishing touch on a dress”

A beautiful fragrance on a woman amplifies her sexiness like nothing else can. For the fragrance to seem like it was created just for you, you have to choose one with a lot of thought and also wear it right.

Here’s our guide to help you get it right:

  • If a scent works well on your friend, it doesn’t mean it will work for you too. Perfumes act differently on different skins. It is always good to go to a perfumery and narrow down on a few scents that suit you best. Look for these notes in the perfumes you choose thereafter.
  • Achieve a balance when spraying. Don’t douse yourself in perfume or you might give people a migraine. Don’t spray too little either or the purpose behind wearing one will be lost.
  • Ideally perfume is best spritzed on the pulse points of your body where the scent diffuses faster without getting overwhelming. Inside your elbows, nape, and wrist and behind your knees is where your scent should go for lasting effect.
  • Don’t apply a perfume over an SPF because it might make it less effective. Hair is another place your perfume shouldn’t be going. It damages and dries out your hair. Use serums if you want your hair to smell good. Perfume is for the skin.

Now go smell beautiful!

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How to bid adieu to under eye puffiness

Under eye bags look awful. No matter how radiant your skin is, how much you spent on your channel dress, or how elaborate your hair style is. If you have puffy eyes, you will look tired and haggard, and that will ruin your whole look.

If you too very often, get up in the morning and look like a tarsier, here’s what you should do:

  • Do not rub your eyes. Puffy eyes can sometimes be itchy, but resist the urge. Excessive rubbing can aggravate eye redness and puffiness. The best thing you can do to relieve the itch, is to use saline drops.
  • Pop a pill. If your eye puffiness is not a regular thing, chances are it’s because of an allergic reaction. Taking an over the counter antihistamine will help ease the allergy and eventually the puffiness.
  • Use a caffeine induced eye cream. Caffeine is known to reduce water retention, and helps flat out the puffiness in a matter of minutes.
  • Another instant cure for tired, puffy eyes is cold tea bag. Pop a few used tea bags in the fridge. When they are cold, place them on the eyes and relax for a few minutes. Wash your face with cold water, and see your eyes liven up.

There! With a cheer in your gait and a twinkle in your eyes, take on the world.

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How to lighten and brighten your underarms

Having ugly, dark underarms, could be vexatious. Owing to them, you think twice about wearing sleeveless, raising your hands, and posing sexy. There are   lot of things that can cause your underarms to darken overtime like improper shaving, chemicals in hair removing creams, deodorants, and friction. Whatever the cause, it’s easy to lighten the skin in your underarms, making it appear just the way you want them to.

Here are a few genius tips:

  • If life gives you lemons, use it on your underarm skin! The acid in the lemons, help lighten the skin and its natural, so it won’t hurt you. (Unless you have broken skin). Rub the lemon wedges on your darkened skin and leave the juice on for at least a few minutes before washing off. Simple!
  • The humble potato, can do wonders to lighten your skin! Potato contains natural bleaching agents that lighten and brighten the skin. What’s more, they don’t irritate your skin like chemical bleaches do. Get slicing and rubbing.
  • Exfoliation is the key! Our underarms accumulate dead skin cells, and these dead cells clog the pores, leading to ingrown hair and blackening of underarms. Regular gentle exfoliation of the underarm skin, is a good idea. Use natural scrubs or soft loofahs, to slough the dead skin off, to reveal radiant skin.
  • Did you know you can use baking soda there too? It exfoliates, brightens, and deodorizes your underarms! Perfect. Isn’t it? Just make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it to the darkened area. Wash off after a few minutes, and gently pat the skin dry. You will be amazed at the result.
  • Another genius solution is to use orange peels! Unbelievable right? Dry powdered orange peels, mixed with milk and rose water, to form a paste, works as a perfect solution to your underarm woes. It removes dead skin, bleaches it and renders it fragrant too! You want to try that one now.
  • Make a paste of chickpea flour and milk cream and apply it generously on your underarms. Wait till it completely dries off, and then wash it with Luke warm water. This will give you gorgeously smooth and whiter underarms.

Lastly remember, no treatment will give you instant result, but consistent care will give you great results. Choose what suits you best and stick to it. Go shine!

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How to keep Dry skin at bay

When your skin is unable to retain enough moisture, it leads to dry skin. This can happen due to various reasons including age, use of harsh soaps or winter. Dry skin looks dull and feels stretchy.

Here’s how you can battle this issue and get soft and bouncy skin:

  • Always use a humidifier in the cold harsh winters. They help to replenish the top layer of your skin preventing flakiness.
  • Do not spend long hours in the shower. Cut your time spent bathing by half. Staying in water for too long can strip your skin off its essential oils
  • Largely minimize the use of soap. Use a soap free cleanser instead. Soaps have harsh chemicals and perfumes that strip the skin’s natural oils and can worsen dry skin.
  • Stay away from scrub brushes, and washcloths. If you cannot survive without using them, at least ensure you use it in light strokes.
  • Don’t rub the skin with a towel to dry it. Just gently pat the skin and remove excess moisture.
  • Apply a good moisturizer on a regular basis. It is a better idea to use a moisturizer just immediately after bathing. Damp skin absorbs moisture faster. And better.
  • Use fragrance-free products when it comes to your skin. They are mild and void of many harmful chemicals.

Like the say your skin reflects your health. These tips will help you better your dry skin but follow them alongside a healthy diet that is rich in minerals and omega3, and it will work wonders in keeping dry skin off for good.

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Winter Skin Care Advice

Winter is here! While the snow is pleasing and you now have the chance to plunge into your comforter and stay there, your skin is struggling. Winters are the hardest on your skin, which means you have to work twice as hard as you do to keep is safe.

Through the winter season you should keep 2 words in mind: nourishment and gentleness. You must be gentle on your skin and you must ensure that it is nourished thoroughly. Change you skin care products immediately. Remove all gel-based products and buy creamy products. You need thick lotions. Also, since you will wear so many layers your skin will become dull and lifeless. Solution? A nice bath with gentle exfoliation! Choose a coconut oil scrub to keep your skin supple.

By February the cold will have gone down, which means you should start drinking lots and lots of water. Avoid sugary drinks and coffee. Juices and water are the way to go.

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Body Scrub With Sugar and Spice

Sugar and spices make excellent dishes but they are more functional than just that! They also have the ability to make your skin shine like never before! Sugar and spice can exfoliate your skin, getting rid of dead skin cells, and debris. Let’s learn how to make our own sugar and spice scrub:

You will need:

  1. Brown sugar: 1 cup
  2. White sugar: 1 cup (granulated)
  3. Almond oil: ¾ cup
  4. Ground ginger: 2 tsp.
  5. Ground cinnamon: 2 tsp.
  6. Vanilla extract: 1 tsp.


  1. Take a large bowl to mix all dry ingredients in one place. Once they are mixed you may add the wet ingredients and mix all of them together.
  2. Transfer this mixture to a large container and secure the lid.
  3. Take it with you when you shower. Wet your body and then apply it. Scrub in circular motion.
  4. Bathe!

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4 Ways to Stay Fresh All Day

You have work, you have to travel, and you have to stress yourself about various things each day. How do you stay fresh through the ordeal?

By the time you get back home each day, you are exhausted. You are probably also annoyed and just want to go to sleep. You are hassled and you look beyond your age because all the work shows on your face. Enough. It is time to change that.

Byjeng/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos
Byjeng/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos

Take a shower in the morning. Morning showers will wake you up immediately, putting all the lethargy at bay. Use a good soap with a sweet scent for a better effect.

Goodluz/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos
Goodluz/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos

As soon as you take a bath, apply lotion. Use a moisturizing lotion so that it seals the moisture and ensures that your skin is supple.

opreaistock/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos
opreaistock/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos

Carry a water bottle with you each day. It is very important to be hydrated regardless of where you may be. It will keep you fresh and awake all day long.

Last tip? Be positive and SMILE!

DIY Cuticle Cream With Lavender Essential Oil

Cuticle blues!

Every manicure procedure comes with the requirement to care for the cuticles. Your nails and hands, both need additional attention now that spring has arrived.

DIY Cuticle Cream With Lavender Essential Oil

Here is a DIY cuticle cream made using clay and lavender essential oil. Clay helps to remove impurities while the essential oil relaxes you and smells great. We also add olive oil, which is known to have amazing moisturizing properties.

You will need:

  1. Powdered clay: 1 tsp. (make sure you buy cosmetic grade)
  2. Lavender essential oil: 3 drops
  3. Olive oil: 1 tsp.


  1. Take a small bowl and mix all the ingredients well.
  2. Rub this mixture on your cuticles and let the clay rest for a while.
  3. Rinse using soap and warm water.
  4. Continue the remaining manicure process.

Image Credits: soapylovedeb