Hair Tips for First Date

Hair Tips for First Date

Getting ready for your first date? Have you decided what you will wear? Have you decided on makeup? Yes?

How about your hair? Many people tend to neglect hair when it comes to dating. Remember, gorgeous looking hair is a huge turn on! Read on for tips to make sure your hair looks its best on your first date:


  1. Maintain your hair color: You have to take special care to make sure that your hair color is even. If you have greys, cover them up. You will look sloppy otherwise.
  2. Trim: If the ends are unruly, trim them. Unruly ends can ruin even the most beautiful hair. Don’t take the risk and get a trim.
  3. Effort: Spend a little time with your hair to make sure it looks great. Your date will appreciate the fact that you have made an effort to look good for him.
  4. Natural: Stay natural. Don’t go all out and get curls or straighten your hair especially. Flaunt what you have. Every man is different and you can’t determine whether he likes curls or straight hair. Stay natural, thus.

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