Tips to take care of Dry Skin

Tips to take care of Dry Skin

Do you have dry skin?

Dry skin is a resultant of a number of factors such as age, genes, medications, and weather or beauty products. Those who work with chemicals have more chances of having dry skin. There is a myth that dry skin is due to lack of water. Dry skin is actually due to lack of oils. Thus, there is a need to replenish these lost oils.

Here are a few signs of dry skin:

 Chapped lips
 Ashy or gray skin in dark complexions
 Cracked skin prone to bleeding
 Rough skin
 Itchy skin


It is important to take care of dry skin because if you neglect it, germs will take birth and cause dire infections leading to dermatitis. Experts suggest staying away from hot water. Always use warm water to take a bath. Your moisturizer may contain mineral oil or flax seed oil. You must make sure you apply immediately after taking a bath. A facial once in a while is also very helpful for dry skin. Alongside, it is important to choose the right beauty products. The foundation you use should be oil based. Liquid concealers are also a good idea. Almond oil, baby oil, grapeseed oil and jojoba oil are all good for dry skin.


Winter is harsh on rough skin. Always have a humidifier at hand. Wear sunscreen each day. This holds true both for summer and winter. Water is a must – drink as much as you want. Eat foods that have omega 3 fatty acids like walnuts, almonds and fish.

Remember to choose light fabrics because woollen and synthetic can irritate your dry skin further.

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