Skin Enemies

Skin Enemies

Do you want glowing skin without having to apply makeup? Well, you will have to focus on your habits then. Remember that your lifestyle will have a direct affect on your skin. Here are some of the biggest enemies of perfect skin:

1. Lack of sleep: Lack of sleep will immediately show on your face. Dark circles and pale skin show that you don’t sleep enough. You should make sure you sleep for at least six hours every night. Sleep early and wake up early so that your skin does not face the brunt.

2. Poor diet: Your mother was not lying when she told that vegetables are good for your entire body. Eating vegetables will keep you not just healthy but also glowing. Avoid sugary treats and eat fruits and vegetables if you want to improve your complexion. Also, drink lots of water.

3. Stress: This is one of the biggest enemies there can be. Avoid anxiety and stress as much as you can because if you are stressed, your skin will be the sufferer as will be your health. Hit the gym, take a bath, perform yoga, do whatever you want to in order to combat stress.

4. Sun: Don’t step out of your house without protecting yourself. Use a good sunscreen lotion so that the sun does not have adverse affects on your skin. Limit sun exposure by using hats, shades, and scarves.

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