Guide 5 to Hair Removal: Laser

Guide 5 to Hair Removal: Laser

Laser is a permanent remedy to unwanted hair. The hair follicles are destroyed with heat through laser.


  1. It is an excellent remedy for those with dark hair and fair skin.
  2. Any side effects are short lasting.
  3. Side effects are usually minimal.


  1. The procedure might sting.
  2. It takes about 6 treatments before you can see noticeable hair reduction.
  3. Blistering, redness, scarring, swelling and discoloration are the side effects of this treatment.
  4. Sometimes, hair may grow back and you may need more treatments to follow.
  5. Those who have medium or dark skin can require more treatments. This is because the skin pigment has the ability to absorb laser light.
  6. It is very expensive.
  7. This is a permanent hair reduction method. Not a permanent hair removal method.

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