Frightening Ways to Beautiful Skin

Frightening Ways to Beautiful Skin

Getting gorgeous is easy? Think again.

Read ahead for dangerous beauty treatments and you’ll surely think twice.

1. Fish pedicure: Imagine numerous fish nibbling on your feet. Goosebumps? Well, that is what a fish pedicure does. It is weird and controversial but it is getting famous by the day. Live fish will eat away the dead skin on your feet. The fish used is mostly Gurra rufa which works to exfoliate your foot. It may be a tiny, toothless fish but that does not make this procedure any cute.

2. Snake venom facial: If you are scared of snakes, you should skip this. However, many people swear by
this facial and say it has botox like effects on the skin. The ingredient used in this facial is Syn-ake which is a synthetic mimic of the paralysing venom of the temple viper. The ingredient apparently soothes the skin and prevents wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Leech therapy: This is also known as Hirudotherapy and in this, the creepy leeches are allowed to suck on your blood in order to expel the dirty blood out of your body. Demi Moore had tried this and she said she felt younger and youthful after the therapy. No matter how good it could be, we are never ever going to let leeches anywhere near us!

4. Bee venom mask: The very thought of bee venom can be scary but did you know there is an anti-aging mask which gives you a freezing effect just like a botox treatment. The bee venom is used in the treatment to control the facial muscles so as to give you immediate firming, lifting and tightening effects. Celebs like Victoria Beckham are said to be great fans of this treatment.

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