Tips to Look Confident

Tips to Look Confident

Whether it is a date or an important meeting, body language plays a pivotal role. Even if you are nervous, it is important to showcase some confidence. It may be difficult to do so when you are literally trembling due to the nervousness but there is no getting away with it. You don’t need to worry so much about it because it is not impossible. Au contraire, it is actually quite easy. You just need to focus and follow the following tips:

1. Don’t ever fidget. Fidgeting is the classic sign of nervousness. So keep your hands away from your hair. Don’t tap your fingers or shake your leg continuously.

2. Crossing your arms will make you look like you are guarding yourself from something and are not likely to open up. Be more approachable. Don’t cross your arms.

3. Sit straight and stand tall. No slouching. Slouching shows lack of confidence. However, don’t go to the extreme and sit rigid. Relax and sit confidently.

4. Don’t do things fast. When you are nervous, you tend to talk faster. Thus, focus and talk at an acceptable pace. If you talk fast, you will fumble, forget, and end up in a mess.

5. Smile. It is very simple and can help you oodles. Lighten up, loosen your strings, and smile. However, don’t go laughing uselessly at everything. No self-deprecating humor; it will make you come across as needy.

6. Maintain eye contact but not so much that it qualifies as staring. When you are talking to him, make sure you look him in the eye but otherwise.

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