Battling the Greys

Battling the Greys

Greys were like battle scars once upon a time because of the fact that they portrayed the woman as wise and dignified. However, now, greys are no less than terrifying! Thankfully for you, you can tackle them without much problem. Here’s what you should and should not do when it comes to greys:

What NOT to do:

Don’t pluck! No, we are not saying that if you pluck one, more will grow. We are just saying that tweezing is not needed. Once they grow back, they will make sure the entire world knows of their presence because they’ll stick straight up.

What to do:

You can either choose to cover the greys strategically or try a new shade. The choice is yours. No matter what you choose to do and no matter what type of hair you have, there is a solution for you. Coloring is the best option but you should be careful. Make sure you talk to your stylist about the right color for you.

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