Matthew Proved himself when Kate Hudson got Pregnant

Matthew Proved himself when Kate Hudson got Pregnant

They met in 2010 at Coachella and they hit it off instantly. Soon they were dating.

The seemingly traditional relationship between Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy then took a not-so-traditional turn when she got pregnant!

“It was all very old-fashioned and proper, and we went on lovely dates,” Hudson, 33, says. “And two months later I was pregnant … Well, yes [I was shocked], but I also thought, ‘This is going to be interesting.’”

The pregnancy brought the two very close and Bellamy proved that he was willing to be a proud father.

“I knew it would take a strong man to deal with it. You know that with a relationship things can go either way when you have a child,” she notes. “When you get pregnant everything changes: you, your body. Everything becomes a big decision. But he was there and that was that.”

Now, after three years, they are a happy family with two kids. Eventually, they plan on getting married.

“We will get married. I do think it’s important, but we have no plans,” Hudson says. “[Ryder] wants a party. For me it’s not the legal part that is important, it’s what it means to the family.”

“When I was a kid, my brothers and sisters and I wanted my parents to get married. We ended up with something far more powerful,” she recalls about her own childhood. ”We were all together at home, Dad gave Mum a ring and said some beautiful words. It was their own version of the ceremony and I remember it so well. It was like it was about us. The family was the glue.”

Photo Credits: derek7272