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High Heel Blues? Beat them!

You love high heels, don’t you? Oh, I adore them! They make me feel so confident and beautiful! But you know there are times that I completely loathe them?

Yup, when I wear high heels for too long, my legs nearly die of the pain the next day!

Thankfully, the last time I visited my foot surgeon with badly aching feet, he suggested a few tips that have worked wonders for me!

Here they are –

  • Pedicure – Yup! It’ll help your feet a lot.
  • Moisturizing – your feet will be relaxed.
  • Get a massage.
  • Wearing sneakers will help you a lot.
  • Soak your feet in Epson salt – oh, this is my favourite!

So, no more worrying about achy and swollen feet! Try these and you’ll be thankful, trust me!


Long Hair or Short?

Do you prefer short hair or long? It all depends on the amount of patience you have, really. Long hair needs a lot of care and responsibility while short hair can be taken care of easily.

Personally, I like short hair because honestly I don’t have the time or the patience to take care of long hair. Yes, long hair looks very pretty but if you don’t care for it, it’ll look horrendous and spoil your over all look too.

Short hair is

  • easier to manage
  • can be washed easily and quickly
  • has no tangles
  • doesn’t need hair products to make it through the day
  • Lets you focus more on your face.

Long hair on the other hand

  • Gives you loads of tangles to worry about all day.
  • Is harder to manage.
  • Involves a lot of spending on hair products.
  • Split ends
  • Haircuts cost a lot
  • Frizzy hair
  • Bad hair days

Just to list out a few.

If you still want long hair, make sure you are very conscious and careful and give your hair the best!


Take Good Care of your Hair

Good, voluminous hair defines a woman. Whether you choose to cut it short or grow it long, you should be careful about a few things. Maintaining your locks and taking good care of them is very important. If you leave them to their fate, they will spoil in no time and make you look positively ghastly. Here are a few things – that seem obvious but are ignored by many – to keep in mind.

First and foremost, buy a proper shampoo. There are many different brands and types and they make choosing difficult, agreed. So whatever your brand may be, make sure it is a good one. To be on the safe side, buy a neutral shampoo. A mild one is also a good choice.

Secondly, start using a conditioner. Conditioners are quite important because they protect hair from external influences such as sunlight and pollution.

Egg. You heard it right. Egg. Mix it with your shampoo, apply it for 5 minutes tops and wash it off. Warm water would be ideal. Your hair will be significantly stronger and shiny.

A lot depends on your diet, even the growth and strength of your hair. Eat loads of vegetables. Meat and fish are also great for the hair. Include them in your diet.

Massages are also an excellent option. You can do it yourself. While washing your hair, dedicate some time to massaging slowly. It helps your hair plus it helps you relax overall.

Lastly, always choose the right kind of brush for your hair. Never brush your wet hair. Let it dry first. Brushing wet hair will cause a lot of hair fall.


Weird but Quick Fixes to Look Great

Here are a few makeover tips for emergencies that you might find strange. But mind you, they are extremely helpful. Go on, try and believe!

  • If you want a quick fix for broken or weak and chipped nails, apply a teaspoon of garlic on the base coat. This will strengthen your nails. Some people have also reported that nails grow faster.
  • Do you want curls without your rollers? Place a paper bag over your head. Tear the paper of your grocery bag into long strips and roll your hair up with their help. Sleep if you like or if you want the results fast, blow dry them and use hair spray.
  • To ward off oily hair, apply plain and dry oatmeal. It absorbs oil very well and you can easily remove it off while you brush your hair.
  • If your hair is dry, use mayonnaise. No, this is not a joke. Just try it! Mayonnaise can strengthen your hair and hydrate it well.
  • Rinsing your hair in vinegar will give it shine. Leave it on for 5 minutes and then wash with cool water.
  • Ice water also gives your hair the shine. Be sure not to go extreme and catch a cold. Just dip your hair in the ice water and not your scalp.
  • Do you have nail fungus? Apply VapoRub when you go to sleep and wear gloves or socks. In 6-8 weeks, most of the symptoms will be relieved.