5 Must-have Timeless Accessories

Trends come and go but there are a few that stick and will remain for years. These are classic accessories that you must have in your wardrobe no matter what. Some of them have been listed below:

1. Ballet flats: They are elegant and they are classic. Moreover, they are simple and comfortable and that is why they are here to stay. You can wear them under jeans or skirts based on your preference. There are many choices to pick from in terms of styles and colors!

2. Clutch purse: Every woman should have one of these. A midsized, black colored purse is ideal and a must have. Go for a simple yet elegant one to catch the eye.

3. Pearls: No matter what you are wearing, if you wear a pearl necklace, you will increase the overall elegance of your dress. Pearls will never go out of style and are very sophisticated.

4. Large bag: There will be days when you’ll have to stay out all day. For such days a neutral colored large carry all bag is a must.

5. Large scarf: It is trendy and useful at the same time. You could use it to protect yourself from the cold wind or you could hide your hair on a bad hair day by tying it up with it.

Hair Styles for a Round Face

Do you have a round shaped face and are wondering what hairstyle to pick? Well, there is more than just one ‘right’ hairstyle for a round face. The perfect hairstyle will also depend on factors such as your age, the texture and length of your hair, and your lifestyle.

Here are some of the best hairstyles if you have a round face:

1. Layered bangs are much better than heavy or straight bangs.

2. Go for styles that add to the length of your hair.

3. Styles that give height are also appropriate.

4. Go for short hair on the sides of your face.

5. Curls around the crown are also ideal. But make sure there are no curls near the cheeks.

6. Longer styles with bangs along with layers will look nice. Such a style will give your neck and face a slenderizing shape.

Declutter your Makeup Kit this Spring

Up for some spring cleaning? Well, don’t restrict it only to your room. Look through your makeup bag and declutter it this spring. Here are a few tips:

1. Mascara: If you use your mascara daily, you should be done with it within 2 months. It is important that you replace your mascara regularly in order to keep your eyes safe and away from harmful bacteria.

2. Gloss: If your lip gloss has turned all goopy and is dribbling, you need to change it immediately. Lip gloss lasts for not more than one year. Never share your mascara and gloss with anyone.

3. Brushes: Clean all your makeup tools, especially the brushes once every two weeks. Use a good cleaner that comes with antibacterial and antifungal properties.

4. Chuck out everything that is old. Buy new makeup kits for the new season.

Making a Sock Bun

Here are tips to making a very stylish sock bun!

You will need:

1. Scissors

2. Optionally dry shampoo or smoothing serum

3. Hair elastics

4. Bobby pins

5. Comb or brush

6. A tube sock or a regular sock.

Making the bun:
Cut the toe off your sock and roll it from there so that you get something that looks like a doughnut. This will help you make a great sock bun.

1. First up, comb your hair properly and untangle it completely.

2. Apply smoothing serum to tame the strays.

3. You can either choose a low, medium or high ponytail depending on your preference. Where the bun will sit will depend on where you tie your pony.

4. Secure the ponytail with the elastic and make sure there are not many strays.

5. Now it is time for you to use your sock bun. Hold your ponytail straight in the air and place the sock bun at its tip.

6. Gather your hair around the sock so that your ponytail surrounds the whole sock completely.

7. The sock is actually creating an illusion that you have more hair. The bun is basically your hair rolled around the sock.

8. If there are any loose strands, tuck them in the sock and secure your bun with bobby pins.

9. There you are – a stylish, elegant hair bun!

Ways to Improve your Complexion

The market is full of beauty products that promise to renew your skin. But there aren’t any that give an instant complexion enhancement. For great complexion you need to take care of yourself on a daily basis. Here are four ways that will surely help you out:

1. Facials: facials are great for good complexion. You should go for facials once in a month at least in order to give your skin an extra boost and some cleansing. You may do them at home but going to a professional is a better idea.

2. Anti-oxidant creams or serums: Antioxidants are great for skin because they provide elasticity, firmness and increase collagen. Antioxidant creams are packed with vitamins to help you improve your complexion.

3. Eye creams morning and night: Lack of sleep, aging signs and stress can affect the skin around your eyes a lot. It is thus important to take care and use good eye cream in the morning as well as at night. You should look for ingredients like algae extract, vitamins A, E and B5, sweet rose oil, grape seed extract, etc.

4. Masks: Your skin can be affected a lot during harsh hot and cold weather conditions. Clay masks and antioxidant masks can thus help you a lot.

Most Fashionable Celebrity Wedding Gowns

Fresh off of Spring 2012 Bridal Week, we can’t stop thinking about gorgeous wedding gowns. Accordingly, we’ve gathered the 10 most fashionable celebrity wedding gowns, including Victoria Beckham’s, Reese Witherspoon’s, Gwen Stefani’s, and more! Whether you prefer classic, colorful, or embellished, there’s a dress for everyone in today’s Fab Flash.

Dry Hair Alert

Dry hair can spoil your whole look in seconds. Dry hair is also very dull and not very pleasing to look at either. However, there are easy ways of treating dry hair and protecting it from further damage. There are numerous products in the market but you should be careful about the ones you pick.

Picking shampoos and conditioners that are made from natural ingredients is advisable. Also, you should look for hair products specifically for dry hair instead of picking the first one you see. Hair products come in different categories today and if you use oily hair shampoo for dry hair and vice versa, you could damage your hair more.

Minimize the use of heat-dependent hair care appliances because more heat will make your hair dryer. Choose hair products containing citrus and helpful fruit extract to regain the shine lacking in your hair.

The Most Unforgettable Bridal Gowns for Spring 2013

Spring 2013 Bridal Week delivered some gorgeous gowns for next season, and we’ve rounded up seven unforgettable gowns from designers like Oscar de la Renta, Monique Lhuillier, and Vera Wang, offering a surprising take on traditional bridal looks. From unique veils to more modern silhouettes, check out today’s Fab Flash for more wedding dress trends that will make your special day unforgettable.

Carrying off a See-through top with Style

A see-through look is very fashionable but you should know how to pull it off in style. There is a thin line between skimpy and fashionable and it is essential to be aware of that. Here are a few tips that will help you don the see-through dress stylishly.

1. Matching: Use a secondary piece of the same color when it comes to matching. If you are wearing black sheer top, you should wear a solid black bra. With see-through tops, you should always buy dark colors.

2. Bold: You can wear a black bra beneath a white top. Bright or neon bras under a white or black sheer top are also an ideal pairing.

3. Layers: If baring your underwear or bra is a problem to you, you could try layers such as a slip dress under a lacy sheer dress.

4. Accessories: See-through is definitely not for everyone but if you want to go for it without having to expose your skin, you could try see-through accessories. Mesh bracelets and lace gloves are some examples.

Frightening Ways to Beautiful Skin

Getting gorgeous is easy? Think again.

Read ahead for dangerous beauty treatments and you’ll surely think twice.

1. Fish pedicure: Imagine numerous fish nibbling on your feet. Goosebumps? Well, that is what a fish pedicure does. It is weird and controversial but it is getting famous by the day. Live fish will eat away the dead skin on your feet. The fish used is mostly Gurra rufa which works to exfoliate your foot. It may be a tiny, toothless fish but that does not make this procedure any cute.

2. Snake venom facial: If you are scared of snakes, you should skip this. However, many people swear by
this facial and say it has botox like effects on the skin. The ingredient used in this facial is Syn-ake which is a synthetic mimic of the paralysing venom of the temple viper. The ingredient apparently soothes the skin and prevents wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Leech therapy: This is also known as Hirudotherapy and in this, the creepy leeches are allowed to suck on your blood in order to expel the dirty blood out of your body. Demi Moore had tried this and she said she felt younger and youthful after the therapy. No matter how good it could be, we are never ever going to let leeches anywhere near us!

4. Bee venom mask: The very thought of bee venom can be scary but did you know there is an anti-aging mask which gives you a freezing effect just like a botox treatment. The bee venom is used in the treatment to control the facial muscles so as to give you immediate firming, lifting and tightening effects. Celebs like Victoria Beckham are said to be great fans of this treatment.