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Dry Hair Alert

Dry hair can spoil your whole look in seconds. Dry hair is also very dull and not very pleasing to look at either. However, there are easy ways of treating dry hair and protecting it from further damage. There are numerous products in the market but you should be careful about the ones you pick.

Picking shampoos and conditioners that are made from natural ingredients is advisable. Also, you should look for hair products specifically for dry hair instead of picking the first one you see. Hair products come in different categories today and if you use oily hair shampoo for dry hair and vice versa, you could damage your hair more.

Minimize the use of heat-dependent hair care appliances because more heat will make your hair dryer. Choose hair products containing citrus and helpful fruit extract to regain the shine lacking in your hair.

The Most Unforgettable Bridal Gowns for Spring 2013

Spring 2013 Bridal Week delivered some gorgeous gowns for next season, and we’ve rounded up seven unforgettable gowns from designers like Oscar de la Renta, Monique Lhuillier, and Vera Wang, offering a surprising take on traditional bridal looks. From unique veils to more modern silhouettes, check out today’s Fab Flash for more wedding dress trends that will make your special day unforgettable.

Carrying off a See-through top with Style

A see-through look is very fashionable but you should know how to pull it off in style. There is a thin line between skimpy and fashionable and it is essential to be aware of that. Here are a few tips that will help you don the see-through dress stylishly.

1. Matching: Use a secondary piece of the same color when it comes to matching. If you are wearing black sheer top, you should wear a solid black bra. With see-through tops, you should always buy dark colors.

2. Bold: You can wear a black bra beneath a white top. Bright or neon bras under a white or black sheer top are also an ideal pairing.

3. Layers: If baring your underwear or bra is a problem to you, you could try layers such as a slip dress under a lacy sheer dress.

4. Accessories: See-through is definitely not for everyone but if you want to go for it without having to expose your skin, you could try see-through accessories. Mesh bracelets and lace gloves are some examples.

Frightening Ways to Beautiful Skin

Getting gorgeous is easy? Think again.

Read ahead for dangerous beauty treatments and you’ll surely think twice.

1. Fish pedicure: Imagine numerous fish nibbling on your feet. Goosebumps? Well, that is what a fish pedicure does. It is weird and controversial but it is getting famous by the day. Live fish will eat away the dead skin on your feet. The fish used is mostly Gurra rufa which works to exfoliate your foot. It may be a tiny, toothless fish but that does not make this procedure any cute.

2. Snake venom facial: If you are scared of snakes, you should skip this. However, many people swear by
this facial and say it has botox like effects on the skin. The ingredient used in this facial is Syn-ake which is a synthetic mimic of the paralysing venom of the temple viper. The ingredient apparently soothes the skin and prevents wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Leech therapy: This is also known as Hirudotherapy and in this, the creepy leeches are allowed to suck on your blood in order to expel the dirty blood out of your body. Demi Moore had tried this and she said she felt younger and youthful after the therapy. No matter how good it could be, we are never ever going to let leeches anywhere near us!

4. Bee venom mask: The very thought of bee venom can be scary but did you know there is an anti-aging mask which gives you a freezing effect just like a botox treatment. The bee venom is used in the treatment to control the facial muscles so as to give you immediate firming, lifting and tightening effects. Celebs like Victoria Beckham are said to be great fans of this treatment.

Stylish Hair Style Accessories

You can style your hair however you want but hair accessories are very important when it comes to styling it right. Right from simple clips to sophisticated headbands, there are a large number of accessories that one can use. Here are some of the best bling blings for hair.

1. Metallic Headbands: Gone were the days when metallic headbands left aching areas behind your ear. These days there are softer and elastic headbands that are extremely stylish. You can choose various embellishments such as stones, jewels and beads according to your preference.

2. Flower Clips: You must have seen numerous headbands with a cluster of flowers. You might have found them pretty but not knowing how to use them stopped you from buying them. If this is your story, why not simply stick to a single flower? Stick it in low so that it looks chic.

3. Posh Pins: Bobby pins come very handy during hair styling. Why not purchase posh and sophisticated looking ones to enhance your look? They are glamorous and functional.

4. Studded headbands: Many women love studded bags, belts and shoes. If you are among them, you should definitely try studded headbands too. They are extremely fashionable and you can pick from many styles in the market.

Four Fashions No Nos

Fashion can be forgiving if you can carry off mismatches with confidence but you won’t be let off easily all the time. There are some things that you should never ever do! Here are a few mess ups:

1. Leggings as pants: Leggings will look good with a short dress or a sweater but they are completely disastrous when you wear them with a short shirt. Your look is messy and unflattering. It is just a major turn off. If you want to wear leggings, you have to make sure you wear a long top.

2. Accessorizing too much: Accessories can jazz you up and complete your look but that doesn’t mean you wear whatever you own at once. You’ll end up looking like a Christmas tree. There are many different patterns and styles to choose from. So accessorize based on your clothes and keep it minimal.

3. Patterns, much: Wrong patterns are a big no no. Patterns can be teamed up with solids at the most. Going patterned from top to bottom is not the way to go at all!

4. Getting too casual: It doesn’t matter what you wear when you are at home but that you can’t go out being so casual. Don’t get too casual and look like you have been dragged out of your bed.

Split End Blues

Split ends can be a real pain. They can wreck how your hair looks and you have to trim them to get rid of them. Here is some information about split ends so you know why your hair ends up with split ends and what you should do.

Split ends are caused due to a number of reasons such as using hot appliances every day, brushing wet hair, poor hair styling devices, regular highlighting, coloring, etc.

Controlling split ends on the other hand requires a lot of care on your part. Here are a few useful tips:

1. Use a hydrating shampoo that is a good moisturizer.

2. Always rinse your hair with cool water. Avoid hot water.

3. Never brush through wet hair. Use a wide-toothed comb if you really have to comb your hair while it is wet.

4. Use an ionic blow dryer and make sure you apply shine serum before drying.

5. Before using hot appliances, apply a hair protecting serum.

Elizabeth and James’s Luxe Fall 2012 Collection

For Fall 2012, Elizabeth and James delivered a muted palette of creams, grays, and blacks with a variety of must-have separates. From fur-trimmed, to herringbone, to bright red, the standouts from this collection are definitely the sumptuous Winter-ready coats. The line also touches on one of our favorite, and comfiest trends – pajama-inspired separates in pretty prints.

Turning Grey Disaster into Grey Hair Style

The appearance of grey hair strands can be devastating. However, one you take in the shock you’ll start wondering what to do – dye or not! Covering greys may not appeal to some of you and dying can actually be very expensive. Why not embrace greys by coming up with great new hairstyle?

The thing is that your hair is your biggest asset and you should adorn it. Take the onset of greys as a great opportunity to don a new hairstyle!

Enhancing: You could enhance the grey colored strands. Blend the shade of grey by choosing highlights or lowlights corresponding to your natural hair color. Balance is very important and thus you should keep the color of your eyes and skin in mind when you choose the shade.

Shine: The shine as well as texture of grey hair is different. Grey hair is coarse, dull, thick and frizzy in comparison to normal hair. This is why they stand out and are easily visible. There are grey hair shampoos that you could use in order to make them shine and blend in with the rest of your hair. For fine hair, volumizing shampoos are a good option and don’t use conditioners.


  1. If you have fine hair, go for short hair. Long fine hair does not look very healthy. Shoulder length is more than enough. Don’t pull your hair and protect them using a hair dryer on a low setting.
  2. If you have curly hair, use a shampoo containing shea butter. Let your hair dry naturally. An olive oil based finishing product can give the needed shine and definition.
  3. For this hair, be careful not to keep washing it too often. Too much washing will make your hair brittle. Shampoo only once a week and use a shampoo containing shea butter so that your hair is moisturized.

Special Treatments: There are different products that you could use to enhance the hair color such as vitamin E oil. If you have damaged hair, leave it over night and wash it in the morning. Fish oils, vitamin B6 and B12 are also recommended.