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Mineral Make-up Advantages

Make-up is a necessity today. I am sure you can’t step out of your house without at least applying minimum make-up. The number of brands and types of make-up has also increased. It is difficult thus to choose the best and most essentially, the safest. If you choose the wrong make-up brands that have loads of chemicals, you will end up wrecking your skin beyond repair.

This is the reason why you should always be very careful and make the right choice. Mineral make-up is a very ideal choice because this kind of make-up is made up of natural pigments and safe minerals. This make-up makes sure the pores on your skin don’t clog. This is why your skin will be able to breathe freely and stay healthy for longer. Mineral make-up also ensures that the finish is flawless and your skin isn’t disturbed even a little.

There is no fragrance or chemical used in mineral make-up and this is why it is safe for your skin. It does not irritate or damage your skin.

Since there are no chemicals, a huge advantage is that their shelf life is more. What else can you want? Go ahead and buy mineral make-up to be safe and beautiful

Pick the Right Dress According to your Body

Dressing up is an ordeal for many. What will look good on me is a huge question that stumps most women. Fashion disasters happen when you don’t know what exactly suits your body. It doesn’t matter how expensive your dress is unless it fits you and compliments you body shape perfectly. Here are a few useful tips:

• If you have a pear shaped body, or in simple words if you have full thighs and legs, never wear a dress more than an inch above your knee. Keep it at knee length.

• For those who are apple shaped, a drop waist dress would be perfect. Thick belts for those who are thick waisted are a big NO.

• If you have heavy arms, you have to shun sleeveless. Bell sleeves or full sleeves are ideal for you.

• If you don’t really have ample breasts, you should avoid plunging necklines. Scoop neck would be perfect for you.

• If you have ample breasts, halter tops and plunging necklines will really make you look great.

• If you are very thin, you should wear sweaters. Try wearing layers. Cardigans are ideal and if your legs are very thin too, avoid mini-skirts. A long dress would be great.

• For those who are plus size, wrap dresses are cool. Not too tight, not baggy is the mantra for you.

Menopausal Acne Care

Menopause is a difficult time in a woman’s life. Night sweats, weight gain and hot flashes are the most common symptoms. However, acne may also come as a bane again. You may have thought that acne is only a teenage headache but turns out, it can come back to torture you again.

Studies reveal that the reason behind this is the change in the hormonal levels at this time. There is a phase known as perimenopause. This is the time when the level of hormones sees a major dip. Only the female hormones take a dip. Women have androgens or the male hormones too but these levels remain the same. This change in the level of these hormones causes adult acne.

Yes, there are indeed treatments for adult acne and medical treatments include hormone therapy, topical treatments and oral medicines. Your doctor will give you further details and tell you what is best for your skin type and condition.

However, you could follow some self help, home remedies to take care of menopausal acne. Deep cleansing will help you a lot. Make sure you use it to wash your face every day. Always be gentle with your skin or you could aggravate the condition. However tempting it may seem, never pick on your pimples. It’ll become worse and leave scars.

Skin is more sensitive after menopause and must be given more attention.

Daily Care for Glowing Skin

Sunlight is often considered as the culprit behind aged looking skin. But sunlight is inevitable. Try how much ever; we can’t escape from the sun. Hence, we have to think out of the box and come up with ways for flawless skin.

Daily skin care is extremely important. Also, it is not difficult. You just need a skin product that has retinol in it. Soy and antioxidants are also important.

The importance of retinol is that it brings about a few changes in the skin. It makes collagen and that is its function.

Soy on the other hand is known to make your skin glow. It is very essential when your skin has been damaged by the sun.

We all know of the function that antioxidants serve. They cleanse, they clean and give you a fresh look.
You don’t need to be rich or spend big bucks in order to buy a good skin product for your skin. Selecting a product that suits your skin type will help you.

Additionally, you should change your life style and diet. You can add foods such as vitamin E and omega 3 in order to take care of your skin properly. Exercising will be like the icing on the cake.

Simply follow simple steps and be sure that you will have flawless, glowing skin despite the scorching sun.

A Natural Way to Beautiful Skin

Flawless skin is highly essential to look great. This is why utmost importance is given to it. Hundreds of bucks are spent by every woman or say, girl to buy beauty products to enhance skin. Sadly though, more often than not these have negative effects on the body too. The chemicals used in making these products can be really harmful. Thus, it is ideal to go the natural way and add a few foods in our diet that will help us have healthy hair and skin without having to waste money or face the risks of damaging our skin. Besides, many foods are also being added as prime ingredients in beauty products in order to increase their efficiency. You could choose those products too. Here are a few examples of such foods –

Salmon is very beneficial but I am sure the idea of applying it directly on your face is revolting to you. However, the fish contains DMAE which is a compound that plays a very essential role in refreshing the skin and making it look younger. When you buy products that contain DMAE, you are doing a very good thing because these products will erase fine lines as well as wrinkles effectively plus, reduce their further appearance.

Seaweed is also extremely popular and is used very commonly in France and Japan. It has a host of benefits because it contains minerals, amino acids and vitamins. It reducing irritation and inflammation of skin and also cleanses it, softens it and makes it firm. Seaweed is also very good for circulation and this is why it is used in many anti-cellulite creams. It detoxifies and thus, has applications in spas.

Everyone knows how beneficial green tea is. It not only reduces cholesterol, it also protects against cancer. It is a great anti oxidant and applying it on the skin will moisturize it and erases wrinkles. Green tea is present in a few body washes, moisturizers and masks. Choose those.

Lastly, aloe is highly medicinal. It soothes burns, protects against irritation, inflammation, hydrates and even has an instant cooling effect. It is very good for the skin and products containing this ingredient must be used.

Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

Tom Bachik has helped stars like Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stefani, and Beyoncé get gorgeous manicures on and off camera. As Chanel’s top nail expert, he shares his tips on why darker nail polishes peel faster, how to make nail polish last longer on your nails, and why he recommends using an acetone nail polish remover instead. Watch our video for five nail care secrets to know from Chanel’s exclusive manicurist.

3 Pimple Spot Treatments

No one likes getting pimples – especially the ones that seem to sprout up overnight and last for months. Luckily, there are tons of treatments that help put a stop to them without emptying your wallet. That’s why we chose these three miracle-workers that break pimples down within 24 hours to give you flawless skin once again. And the best part is, you can get each one of them at your local drugstore.

Steps to Flawless Beauty

There are quite a lot of people who are unhappy with how they look. But everyone adopts some way or the other to look better. Nah, you don’t need to go under the knife to get flawless beauty. Here are step by step instructions to give you a flawless and appealing plus, long lasting glowing skin.

First and foremost, cleanse. Use a good and gentle cleanser. Place a little of the cleanser on a cotton ball and apply gently. Lukewarm water is the best. Avoid hot water because it can harm your skin.

Next, tone your skin. You’ll find a number of toners in the market. Choose the right one for your skin type. Those with oily skin may choose toners that have hazel.

Third step is to exfoliate. This is necessary to remove all the dead cells that can cause your skin to crack. Harsh exfoliators are a big no. Use gentle ones and never over-exfoliate. It can damage your healthy cells too.

Steaming every week is a good idea. Boil a pot of water containing a handful of chamomile. After it boils, let it brew and cool. Make sure you don’t touch any blemishes after you are done.

Revitalizing is also important. A mud mask on the T-zone will help you a lot. The T-zone includes your forehead, your nose, your chin and your cheek centers. Whilst the mask dries, place cotton balls soaked in rose water on your eyes. Before trying a new type of face mask, don’t forget a patch test.

Moisturize your skin regularly. It will lead to healthy and young skin. Daily moisturizers also protect from harmful UV rays. Use moisturizers day and night. In the day, use at least SPF 15. In the night, you can use anti aging and anti wrinkle creams.


Soap Myths

For many, soaps are the best. Many people think that nothing can moisturize like soap does. However, they are wrong. Soaps are in fact extremely dry. They can damage your skin. Hence you should check the list of ingredients of a soap bar before buying it. Make sure it doesn’t have lye.

Another myth about soaps and skin products is that lather is good. If a soap bar does not produce enough lather, many think it doesn’t work well. The fact is that lather should be avoided. This is especially for those who have dry skin.

Here are a few tips for all skin types –

  • Always choose mild cleansers.
  • Don’t ever take bath with hot water. Warm or cool water are ideal.
  • Over cleansing will lead to dry skin. Avoid it.
  • As soon as your pat dry after bathing, apply the moisturizer.


Acne Mechanica

What is acne mechanica really? You may have heard the term before but shrugged it off thinking it is just another name for acne, yeah? Well the answer is a yes and a no. Acne mechanica is acne caused in places of the body that undergoes constant rubbing and heat. For example, a helmet with a chin strap can lead to rashes on your chin. These rashes are in fact acne. Wearing a hat that fits tightly for prolonged periods of time, shoulder pads, tight headbands, tight clothes and bras, etc can all cause acne mechanica.

Acna mechanica is more common in teenagers and young adults, people suffering from sandpaper acne, soldiers, etc.

The condition can be taken care of by ointments containing benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. You can use gels, lotions, creams, etc.

However, prevention is always better than cure. Just some basic precautions can keep acne mechanica at bay.

  • Shower immediately after an exercising session or whenever you are sweating.
  • Don’t wear hats, helmets, etc for long.
  • Don’t wear clothes that are very tight.
  • Use cleansers that have salicylic acid as an ingredient.

Be careful not to avoid wearing helmets altogether just because they may cause acne. That’d be sheer stupidity. Just be careful and safe.

Now you know what causes pimples and acne on your body. You can be more careful from now onwards and avoid them altogether.