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Hamster Care

Do you own a hamster? Or, are you planning on buying one of these cute little cuddly creatures? Hamsters are becoming very famous pets these days due to the fact that they are just so adorable. Maintaining them is also easy since they are so small and cute.

Here are a few things you should know though. You need to take a lot of care of their nutrition, housing and their entertainment and exercise.

  • Hamsters have respiratory problems when the temperature changes drastically. This is why you must keep your hamster’s cage away from the windows and doors. Place the cage in a quiet and dimly lit place. If your hamster lives in an aquarium, you must keep it away from direct sunlight.
  • Hamsters can be given a lot of different foods such as vegetables and fruits, seeds and grains, etc. Keep supplementing just to be sure. Hamsters know their needs very well and will save and eat accordingly.
  • Your hamster needs to be exercised well. Only then, it will stay healthy. Hamster wheels are perfect.
  • Entertainment should be provided to them. Fill their cage with toys for them to play with. You can find chewable toys for hamsters. They are just perfect for them!


Pet your Bird Right

Birds make beautiful pets. We all love birds, don’t we? Oh, I love them and hey, I own a pair of love birds too!

Birds are simply amazing. Just watching them fly around and live in their own world can give you immense happiness. But you have to take of them when you adopt them.

Firstly, you might have to make a few adjustments so that your birds like their new home. Some birds are merely content by staying alone and not having to interact while some others can get destructive if not given proper attention.

Nothing can be generalized since there are a number of birds that can be adopted. This is why it’d be better to do your research about the birds and then cater to them accordingly. You have to take care of their diet too because some birds can be highly specific, requiring only a particular type of diet. If they are not provided with their requirements, they can die.

Also, you must pay attention when you buy the bird cage. Metal cages that are painted are a big no. They can be really toxic to the bird. Some birds have the habit of chewing on their cage and the paint may contain toxic materials that can lead to poisoning. Even plastic cages must be avoided for the same reason. Thus, a non toxic material based cage would be the best choice.

Diet is generally specific but it always advisable to be diverse. Give your birds fruits and vegetables too. Grains and seeds can be supplemented from time to time. For some birds, digestion of certain foods is difficult. This is why research is important.

Taking care of a bird is not difficult. You only need to be sure of its diet.


Sugar Gliders as Pets

Sugar Gliders are all the rage right now as pets. If you’ve somehow escaped the media attention about this adorable little animals, let’s take a look at the basics.

They are actually marsupials, (which means they carry their young in a pouch like a kangaroo and they nurse their young). They’re native to Australia and have also been introduced to Tasmania and New Guinea and they are enjoyed as pets all over the globe.

Before purchasing a sugar glider, check to make sure that they are allowed in your area. They ARE illegal in some places, including California.

They bond strongly with people and generally live in family units when in the wild. It is highly recommended that if you decide to keep sugar gliders as pets that you always have at least two so that they don’t get lonely. Loneliness can be deadly for sugar gliders as is can cause intense depression which causes them to stop eating properly.

Sugar gliders can live up to 14 years in captivity, so acquiring one as a pet should not be taken lightly. Especially given the fact that they bond so strongly with their human families.

Gliders need at least 24 x 24 inches of space, preferably more, and plenty of toys to keep them occupied. They can be fun, lovely pets which keep your family entertained for hours.

Quick Tips for Potty Training Puppies


When it comes to puppy potty training, it can turn into a major headache if you’re not sure what you’re doing right off the bat. Here are some basic puppy potty training tips to help get you started.

  1. Be Patient! As frustrating as it may be when your new pooch piddles on the floor, remind yourself that they are basically still a “baby” and just like with human babies, you need to have a bit of patience.
  2. Stay Positive – Just as important as proper patience is your ability to stay positive throughout the process. Rather than punishing bad behavior, reward good behavior. Whenever your pup potties in the appropriate spot, reward them with a treat and your affection.
  3. Hitting isn’t Nice! No matter how angry or frustrated you may get with your new puppy, never hit them or otherwise abuse them. Dogs have feelings too and they tend to bond with their human families right from the start. Physical abuse isn’t just hurtful to their little bodies, but to their emotions as well.


Keeping these three tips for puppy potty training in mind can help get you and your pooch off to a great start. If you even find yourself feeling overly stressed or angry about the potty training process or your puppy, it can help to just step away from the situation for a little while. Take a walk or work out. Chances are that once you come back and see your new pet’s sweet little face, you’ll have forgotten all about being upset.

Guinea Pig Care Tips

Guinea pigs, (also called “cavies”) can be great pets for pretty much any household. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about guinea pig care. Before bringing a guinea pig into your home, find out the basic dos and don’ts of guinea pig care.

DO give your cavy plenty of room. So often folks purchase a “large animal” cage (or worse yet, a fish tank or small cage) for their guinea pig and assume that they have enough space. ONE adult cavy requires about 7.5 square feet of space. That’s about 30” x 36” and is significantly more than a small cage provides.

DO NOT get just ONE guinea pig. Cavies are pack animals and they are much happier living in groups. If you are not prepared for a huge “herd” of guinea pigs, no worries! Generally speaking, 2 or 3 guinea pigs living together is perfectly healthy. Just be aware that some male pigs will fight (for dominance in the pack) with other males, but that is not always the case. Some females will also become aggressive with other females.

Keep in mind that if you put male and female guinea pigs together, they can produce offspring when they are just 2 months old. Be certain that you want more guinea pigs or that you can find them good homes before allowing your pigs to reproduce.

Keeping these tips in mind can help ensure that you and your pigs are happy and healthy.

Feed your Pet Fish Right

Do you have a pet fish? If yes, you should know what to feed it and everything about the food. If you don’t take care of your fish, it will die. Caring for a fish is a job that involves a lot of responsibility. However, if you feed your fish well, you can ensure its health.

Nothing can be generalized because it depends on the type of fish you own. Know about the type of fish first and then learn about its food. The following are however the considerations you should make –

First, decide an appropriate feeding time. It might not seem very important but it really is. Some species love eating during the night time while others prefer the day. You should thus fix the feeding schedule depending on the type of fish you have and the number of fishes too. The fishes should be comfortable with the time and should suit their needs well.

Secondly, you should decide where to feed your fish. This will again depend on the type of fish. Some like floating food, some like to have food from one particular area and some others love eating from the bottom of the tank. Know the type of your fish and feed them accordingly.

Third consideration should be the food type. There are many choices depending on the type of fish. Many fish owners don’t care about this but it is very important. Food type also depends on the age because fish fry have different needs and adult fish have different needs. You can ask at the pet shop and decide accordingly because they will know what age your fish is and what type it is. You can choose from pellet food, freeze-dried food, flake food and liquid food.

Lastly, know how much you should feed your fish. Too much food will result in wastage of food and this will decay. Decayed food will support the growth of bacteria which is very bad for your fish. Too little will render your fish malnourished. This is why you must know how much to feed your fish.


Be Best Friends with your Best Friend

Dogs! Aren’t they simply adorable? They can be your best pals. If you have a pet, you’ll know what I am talking about. These fluffy like sweethearts can do much more than just look cute and get naughty. They of course, protect you from intruders and they are extremely loyal. But raising a pet is no easy deal. There are numerous things to keep in mind before buying or adopting a dog. A dog is also a living thing and it has feelings. It wants attention, it wants to impress you and most important – it needs your time.

Unless you are sure you will be able to spend quality time with your dog, don’t adopt one. Dogs can be extremely sensitive and yes, they feel lonely too. If you don’t take time out for them, they will feel very isolated and low. Dogs are animals full of fun and energy. Explore that and have fun with him. Playing with your dog and watching him run with his tongue dangling will make you feel good too. It can be your stress buster each day.

It is just wonderful to know that someone waits for you and looks forward to spend with you, right? Your dog will do that for you. His enthusiasm when he sees you will surely brighten up even a dull day. Be sure however to feed him well, groom him well and to train him. A badly behaved, spoiled dog will keep you on your toes all the time and will never listen to you.

Start your training early. The earlier, the better. Start slowly and move to bigger things one at a time. Don’t rush because he could get all confused and annoyed sometimes. Don’t EVER hit your dog or any pet for that matter. They won’t learn if you beat them. Be nice, praise them when they do right and treat them. Scold when they do wrong and make them realize that they are being scolded for a reason.

If you start early, you won’t have to worry about your dog’s bad habits. If you don’t own a dog, it is time you got one. They are beautiful pets.