Celebrating your Love for him

We all want to add spice to our relationship and make it extremely desirable. You surely want to keep letting him know that you love him a lot and will always do. I always want to celebrate my marriage and the fact that I have the best husband in the world. I therefore keep doing or saying little some things that make him feel special and thoroughly cared for. Here are a few tips for you to celebrate your marriage:

• A simple ‘I Love You’ can mean the world to him. Tell him you love him. The words wean magic.
• Talk and dream about your future together.
• Give him gifts for no reason and say ‘just because I love you!’
• Toast each other
• Call him out of nowhere and say, “I am thinking about you.”
• Leave notes for him with his lunch
• Take loads of pictures together!
• Plant a tree together.
• Check on your kid as he sleeps – TOGETHER!
• Meet some place like a date, get dressed up and look beautiful just for him.
• Get him some flowers.
• Walk hand in hand

There are so many such things that you could do to make him feel special and celebrate your togetherness. Do them and celebrate love!

Forgiving him After an Affair

An affair spells out destruction of trust, of feelings and of the whole relationship. An affair can indeed hurt everything you had and shared with your partner. Despite that, if you are willing to stick with him there are a few things you have to be thoughtful about. To start off with, you need to forgive him completely. Here are a few tips that could help you move forward despite the affair:

• You have to be able to forgive your partner truly. Every affair is a slap on trust and trust is broken completely. In order to forgive him, there is one thing you require: sorrow. Your partner must be miserable that he cheated. He must be repenting his mistake and he needs to share openly with you – the person who has been affected the most.

• Empathy is also very important and it is intertwined with forgiveness. Unless you feel empathetic and understand that your partner is repenting, you won’t be able to forgive him. Hear him out and give him a chance. You may have also made a mistake in the past. He forgave you, right? Why can’t you do the same? Agreed that this is not the same but just like you repented back then, he is right now. Be gentle on him and on yourself.

• You need to believe him first. You need to know and realize that he is taking responsibility for his actions, he is in remorse, he has learned from his mistakes, he is willing to give you all the time in the world to understand and accept his apology and that you are special to him.

Just believe in the points mentioned through his actions and his words and build your relationship around it.

Ways to Express your Love for Him

What is your way of expressing love? It is not always gifts that do the magic. You need to think beyond in order to personalize your ways of showing him you love him. Here are a few ways for you:

• Give him a back rub out of nowhere. Slow, gentle and loving – he’d love it!

• Breakfast in bed – oh, he’d love it.

• Cook him the meal he loves the most – the way to his heart is through his stomach!

• Let him have the remote that night.

• Texting will take you a long way. Send him loving and suggestive texts all day and welcome him home in sexy lingerie.

• Pack him goodies with his lunch – love notes can be the goodies!

• Get creative and thoughtful and make him a scrapbook with your pictures.

• Organize a game tournament for him and his buddies.

Be Happy, Make your Relationship Work After Birth

Babies are cute, amazing, lovable and everything else but again, they are also very exhausting. Actually, it has been estimated that one parent in every six families is depressed in the first few months itself.

It is essential to be very happy that you are now a parent but it can be very difficult because your baby will keep you on your toes all the time. You will be tired and stressed out and yet you will have to work relentlessly in different patterns each day. All this contributes to unhappiness.

Out of 5 couples, only one says that the relationship grows stronger after child birth. This explains why most parents separate before their child hits the age of 16. Also, it has been noted that couple with children are the ones that split more often. Very sadly, one in three children who live with both their parents doesn’t get close to their fathers.

Hence, it is important to try and stay as happy as possible and work together to make your relationship work. Here are a few tips that might help –

• Talk and listen at the same time.

• Share the work you have to do.

• Take time out for each other.

• Have a good sex life.

• Be very careful and sensible with money.

• Get help as soon as you sense trouble instead of waiting for things to completely go out of hand.

Sex Can Affect your Heart

Here’s something that’ll baffle your lovey-dovey time for you nice and hard. A recent study reveals what 14 different studies came up with too. All these studies speak the same. Sex can have a major impact on your heart and mind you, I am not talking love here.

The recent study was conducted at the Tufts University and it revealed that if a person puts the body through sudden physical activity, it has a negative effect on the heart. Physical activity of course includes having sex.

If you don’t exercise on a regular basis but have sex suddenly out of nowhere, it could be disastrous. Thus, you must either have sex often or exercise regularly. If you don’t, you could even get a heart attack in the next hour of having sex.

The researcher said, “If you take 1,000 people, each individual session of physical or sexual activity per week can be associated with an increase of 1 to 2 cases of heart attack or sudden cardiac death per year.”

But more importantly, exercise is very important for good heart health. Regular exercise can decrease the risk by 45%. So, be regular and enjoy a healthy life!

Bieber and Gomez Very Much Together

Oh yes, rumors have been doing the rounds that the sexy teenage couple Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have broken up.

However, they crushed all rumors by proving otherwise. They showed they were still very much together in the 2011 Teen Choice Awards where they sat together in the front row.

They may have come separately but that didn’t make a difference because they were seen together since Gomez gave a sizzling performance with her band.

There were talks that Gomez had a problem with Bieber’s older friends. However, they walked out of the amphitheater together hand in hand and kissed a hearty goodbye. They then left in their own respective cars.

Kingston also negated the rumors saying that they are “all rumors. Selena’s my friend. We’re all friends.”

How to Conceive a Girl

Do you want to have a baby girl? Do you already have 3 sons and now, you really want to gift them a sister? Well, in contrast to the usual beliefs that we can’t control the sex of the unborn child, there are ways to actually increase the chances. You can’t be hundred percent sure of course. But the chances of having a girl child will significantly increase if you follow a few steps while conceiving. Here are a few –

• The most important and significant way is to time your intercourse many days before ovulation. You can buy ovulation strips in order to be sure about your ovulation dates.

• When you intercourse, make sure you don’t have an orgasm. Scientifically, an orgasm actually increases the alkaline pH of the vagina. Alkaline pH is ideal for the survival of the male sperm.

• Acidic conditions are ideal for the survival of the female sperm and hence, make sure you eat foods that are rich in calcium and magnesium. It will help you a lot.

• Shallow penetration is ideal if you want a girl child. This is because the vaginal entrance is acidic. If the sperm is delivered there, the male units don’t survive and only the female ones go deeper to unite with the egg.

Remember that you need to be patient and optimistic. Combine all these tips ideally in order to increase the chances of having a baby girl significantly.

How to Conceive a Boy

Have you always wanted a son? Do you want your first child to be a boy? Do you have a girl child and now desire a boy? Well, apart from different and expensive procedures like artificial insemination, there are ways to slightly increase the chances of giving birth to a boy child.

Before I begin with the tips, let me give you a brief introduction about the scientific basis of conception. The sperm that comes from the male determines the sex of the unborn child. The sperm may contain the X chromosome or the Y chromosome. X is for the girl child whilst Y is for the boy child. There are a number of factors that play an important role in the determination of sex. For example, the male sperm is fast but not as strong as its female counterpart. The lifespan of the male sperm is shorter in comparison. Female sperms are slower but survive longer. Thus, these factors can be taken into consideration and different ways may be adopted to conceive a boy or a girl.

Here are the tips to follow if you want a boy –

• You should have intercourse exactly on the day you ovulate. This is the most important and useful tip if you want to conceive a boy.

• Deeper penetration would be ideal if you want a boy. So aim for such positions that allow deeper penetration.

• The pH of your vagina should be alkaline if you want to conceive a boy. So make sure the environment is not acidic. There are vaginal test strips that will help you monitor the pH of your vagina. pH above 7 is an ideal environment for the male sperm to survive. You must be wondering how the pH levels can be changed. Well there are two simple ways. One is to eat foods of high sodium and potassium foods while the other faster way is douching.

Follow all these steps and your chances of having a boy will increase significantly.

Length of Time to Get Pregnant

The length of time it actually takes for one to get pregnant is a common question every woman. This actually differs from woman to woman and also depends on a number of factors. Your health is an important factor as is your lifestyle.

However, here is the estimate of how long it may take to get pregnant if you have sex regularly.

25% women usually get pregnant in the first month itself.

60% get pregnant in 6 months.

75% might take 9 month.

80% might take a year.

90% will get pregnant in 18 months.

Thus, if you are under 35 years of age, and you are having sex regularly and are yet not pregnant, you need the doctor. Those who are above 35 years of age must seek medical help after trying for 6 months.

Timing sex is very important. If you want to get pregnant, make sure you have sex while you are ovulating. An ovulating calendar will help you out.

Your weight is also an important factor. If you are healthy, you’ll have more chances of conceiving. So make sure you eat right and are well nourished. If you are too thin and malnourished, you may even stop ovulating. So take care and be well nourished.


Dreaming too Much Around your Wedding Time?

Do you dream a lot? What are your dreams mostly about? Love? Your boyfriend? Marriage? Simply hanging out? Dreams about the attic? Your wedding rings?

You surely must have dreamt at least once about getting married, right? Getting engaged? Oh boy, yes! Women and marriage are like best friends. Each woman dreams about her perfect wedding. It might not be such a big deal for men but for women, yes.

Some of you might have scary dreams about losing your engagement ring or tripping on your wedding day? Oh, I had them. I had them all!

These dreams will get more vivid and scary around the time of your engagement. May be because we think so much about it or what but it is true. Nearly-engaged girls, engaged girls and soon-to-be-married girls dream way too much.

Most of us are too shy to share fearing that it is not normal. It is very normal girls. All of us do.

You are not weird at all. Though some of you might be having issues just like I did. (clears throat)