No Compromise with Sleep

We compromise a lot in our life. But is anything worth compromising and losing sleep over? Apparently yes. Most of us have tremendously stressful and busy schedules. This makes getting a sound, good night’s sleep even more important but more often than not, we forgo our sleep over petty matters. The stress may be too much, the work load may be too much, and there are various reasons. However, if we don’t sleep well we will only increase our problems. If you aren’t relaxed, even your next day will get doomed and the pressure will just get too much to handle.



This is why here are a few tips to help you get a good sleep –

  • Use serene colors in your room. Relaxing and calming colors will soothe you down and help you sleep while bright colors such as green and lemon yellow will make you feel as if it is the middle of the day!
  • Lavender has an excellent property of soothing a person. Use a lavender scent for your room. It also has medicinal properties and is sleep inducing. You could also spray lavender on your pillow. Breathe deeply for a while before going into sleep so that you can take in the aroma.
  • Your brain needs to relax and TV will not help you achieve any relaxation. Televisions are better off in the living room. Don’t install a TV in your bedroom. Instead, listen to soft and slow music, meditate for a while and light a candle. Create a relaxing environment for yourself.
  • Keep your room tidy and clean. Might seem absurd but it will really help you calm down and relax.
  • Keep your room cozy, comfortable and cool.