Length of Time to Get Pregnant

The length of time it actually takes for one to get pregnant is a common question every woman. This actually differs from woman to woman and also depends on a number of factors. Your health is an important factor as is your lifestyle.

However, here is the estimate of how long it may take to get pregnant if you have sex regularly.

25% women usually get pregnant in the first month itself.

60% get pregnant in 6 months.

75% might take 9 month.

80% might take a year.

90% will get pregnant in 18 months.

Thus, if you are under 35 years of age, and you are having sex regularly and are yet not pregnant, you need the doctor. Those who are above 35 years of age must seek medical help after trying for 6 months.

Timing sex is very important. If you want to get pregnant, make sure you have sex while you are ovulating. An ovulating calendar will help you out.

Your weight is also an important factor. If you are healthy, you’ll have more chances of conceiving. So make sure you eat right and are well nourished. If you are too thin and malnourished, you may even stop ovulating. So take care and be well nourished.


Make your House Peaceful

Our house is our safe abode. It is the place where we can do what we like, how we like and whenever we like. Our house gives us a sense of security and protection. But what if our house itself adds to our tension? Yes, there are ways in which your house could multiply your stress. The senses of security will be less and the sense of tension will be more. Here are a few ways to make your house a peaceful and a clam place for you.

  • Decorate your room and your house as a whole with things that make you feel nice; with things that make you smile such as photographs and flowers. Remove anything that brings in the sense of tension.
  • There are many colors that are peaceful and have the ability to calm you down. Use such color. Blue is for prosperity and green is for life and brightness. Go for such colors for your rooms.
  • Never overstuff a room. Keep furniture to the basics. Leave a little walking space and ensure the room looks spacious. A crammed room brings in tension.
  • Plant new plants and have flowers. They will make you feel very good.
  • Make sure you have as many soft elements as possible. Comfort should be your priority.


Use Flowers to Change you Mood

In an awful mood? Go to your garden and spend some time or buy yourself some flowers. Yes, studies say that flowers are an amazing way of boosting one’s mood. They have the ability to relax your mind and make you feel better.

It doesn’t matter which flower it is. Choose your favourite flower. It’ll do the trick for you. This is exactly the reason why many people like placing flowers on their work desk and in their homes.

The aroma is very soothing and can really make a person feel better. The most popular flowers are daffodils, tulips, zinnias, tea roses, etc.

Go ahead then, make your work desk or house look beautiful and smell great. Plus, make the environment peaceful and relaxing. Keep the bad mood at bay!


No Compromise with Sleep

We compromise a lot in our life. But is anything worth compromising and losing sleep over? Apparently yes. Most of us have tremendously stressful and busy schedules. This makes getting a sound, good night’s sleep even more important but more often than not, we forgo our sleep over petty matters. The stress may be too much, the work load may be too much, and there are various reasons. However, if we don’t sleep well we will only increase our problems. If you aren’t relaxed, even your next day will get doomed and the pressure will just get too much to handle.



This is why here are a few tips to help you get a good sleep –

  • Use serene colors in your room. Relaxing and calming colors will soothe you down and help you sleep while bright colors such as green and lemon yellow will make you feel as if it is the middle of the day!
  • Lavender has an excellent property of soothing a person. Use a lavender scent for your room. It also has medicinal properties and is sleep inducing. You could also spray lavender on your pillow. Breathe deeply for a while before going into sleep so that you can take in the aroma.
  • Your brain needs to relax and TV will not help you achieve any relaxation. Televisions are better off in the living room. Don’t install a TV in your bedroom. Instead, listen to soft and slow music, meditate for a while and light a candle. Create a relaxing environment for yourself.
  • Keep your room tidy and clean. Might seem absurd but it will really help you calm down and relax.
  • Keep your room cozy, comfortable and cool.