Laundry Room Basics

No one really bothers about the laundry room. It is left as it is even though it used very often. Here are some tips for you to freshen up your laundry room:

 Upgrading: There are many new pieces of laundry equipment made out of latest technology and these work really efficiently. You should get one of these.

 Stainless Steel: Buy a stainless steel sink for your laundry room. Just because you scrub away ugly and stubborn stains here, doesn’t mean it can’t look nice!

 Laundry Bins: These bins are for everyone to see and thus, you could by nice and posh looking ones. Instead of choosing plastic ones, go for wooden, canvas or straw.

 Storage: A laundry room needs to have a lot of storage space! Don’t just toss the clothes to be laundered onto the machine or dryer. Buy a nice big box in which you could store these clothes. You could even go for a simple and plain box if you are short on cash.

Travel Tips for you

Travel brings in a lot of excitement but along with that, it even brings in a lot of worries about health and other issues.

• Travelling with kids is never easy. You need to take some extra precautions, some extra packing, and some extra care. Remember that travelling is stressful for kids and that could take a toll on their immunity. So make sure you gear up for this.

• Lack of sleep is one thing and dehydration is another. These two are the most common factors that ruin holidays and travel fun. You should never let your skin dehydrate. So make sure you equip yourself with water bottles when you are travelling.

• There are things you must make sure you carry no matter what. Here are a few: toothbrush, disposable ice bags, multivitamin supplements for your kids, honey packets, healthy snacks such as nuts, sanitizers, tissue wipes, chewing gum, cough drops, etc.

• Diet tips when you travel: plenty of water, nutritious food and snacks with less soda and sugar treats, regular potty breaks, wash hands every time you eat – before and after.

Be Happy, Make your Relationship Work After Birth

Babies are cute, amazing, lovable and everything else but again, they are also very exhausting. Actually, it has been estimated that one parent in every six families is depressed in the first few months itself.

It is essential to be very happy that you are now a parent but it can be very difficult because your baby will keep you on your toes all the time. You will be tired and stressed out and yet you will have to work relentlessly in different patterns each day. All this contributes to unhappiness.

Out of 5 couples, only one says that the relationship grows stronger after child birth. This explains why most parents separate before their child hits the age of 16. Also, it has been noted that couple with children are the ones that split more often. Very sadly, one in three children who live with both their parents doesn’t get close to their fathers.

Hence, it is important to try and stay as happy as possible and work together to make your relationship work. Here are a few tips that might help –

• Talk and listen at the same time.

• Share the work you have to do.

• Take time out for each other.

• Have a good sex life.

• Be very careful and sensible with money.

• Get help as soon as you sense trouble instead of waiting for things to completely go out of hand.

Eating Disorders may Cause Infertility

Do you have a history of eating disorders? You might want to be careful and braced up. Recent studies have sadly concluded that those who have had a history involving eating problems and disorders have higher chances of having problems with pregnancy.

In the study conducted in the United Kingdom it was found that those women who ad eating disorders indeed suffered twice as many problems than normal. This study was conducted on 11000 women.

Siren bells ringing already? Beware and do something about it before it is too late. Seek help immediately if you have any type of eating issues.

The Vanishing Twin Phenomenon

The name defines itself, doesn’t it? Yes, the twin disappearing syndrome is a phenomenon in which a twin is found while examining the fetus but in the later stages, only one baby is seen. It may also be termed as vanishing twin phenomenon.

Contrary to what you think, the vanishing twin phenomenon is quite common. Only one in every 80 births are twins but that doesn’t mean only one twin was conceived. Conceiving is usually much more. It so happens that in early stages, the embryos grow but after a certain point, one of them stops growing and developing. Today’s latest technologies make sure that you find out about this at a stage as 5 weeks of gestation.

The vanishing twin phenomenon can be observed in the 12th week. Conception of one twin fails whilst the other continues developing and growing. Hormones levels in the body however remain high so as to avoid miscarriage of the developing child. In some cases, vaginal bleeding can be seen. As the growth progresses, the sac of this twin spreads in the uterus and the sac of the disappeared twin is absorbed.

An early scan may talk of a twin pregnancy and get you all excited. A later scan can break you and your expectations about having twins. To save yourself from that trouble and feeling of loss, it’d be advisable to not pin your hopes on the first scan. Wait for a later scan to be absolutely sure.

Why Having Kids at an Older Age is Beneficial

We have heard enough about how pregnancy later on if life can be dangerous and risky and frowned upon and oh, what not! But today, the debate about which the best age is for getting pregnant and starting a family is strong and brutal to a very large extent.

Gone were the days when it was necessary to give birth earlier. Today, women are very strong and focussed. We are all career oriented and have our priorities straight. We take so many factors into account before planning on beginning a family. Fulfilment of these factors can take a long time and thus, by the time you think of a family, you are quite old; like in your late 30s or early 40s.

If you are of the age group I mentioned above and you’d like to have kids, but are reluctant because you are worried about the cons, here I’ll give you a number of reasons why getting pregnant and starting a family when you are a little older will help you bundles.

• You will have enjoyed your independence and your youth thoroughly
• You will also have enjoyed being a loving couple for long
• You will be in a better financial condition and thus, your children won’t have to compromise with anything and you can give them the best of everything.
• You will have lived long enough to appreciate life, to appreciate the difficulties and to give worldly advice that really makes sense. You experience in life will help you nurture your kids very well so that they grow up to be very good and focussed people.

How to Conceive a Boy

Have you always wanted a son? Do you want your first child to be a boy? Do you have a girl child and now desire a boy? Well, apart from different and expensive procedures like artificial insemination, there are ways to slightly increase the chances of giving birth to a boy child.

Before I begin with the tips, let me give you a brief introduction about the scientific basis of conception. The sperm that comes from the male determines the sex of the unborn child. The sperm may contain the X chromosome or the Y chromosome. X is for the girl child whilst Y is for the boy child. There are a number of factors that play an important role in the determination of sex. For example, the male sperm is fast but not as strong as its female counterpart. The lifespan of the male sperm is shorter in comparison. Female sperms are slower but survive longer. Thus, these factors can be taken into consideration and different ways may be adopted to conceive a boy or a girl.

Here are the tips to follow if you want a boy –

• You should have intercourse exactly on the day you ovulate. This is the most important and useful tip if you want to conceive a boy.

• Deeper penetration would be ideal if you want a boy. So aim for such positions that allow deeper penetration.

• The pH of your vagina should be alkaline if you want to conceive a boy. So make sure the environment is not acidic. There are vaginal test strips that will help you monitor the pH of your vagina. pH above 7 is an ideal environment for the male sperm to survive. You must be wondering how the pH levels can be changed. Well there are two simple ways. One is to eat foods of high sodium and potassium foods while the other faster way is douching.

Follow all these steps and your chances of having a boy will increase significantly.

Length of Time to Get Pregnant

The length of time it actually takes for one to get pregnant is a common question every woman. This actually differs from woman to woman and also depends on a number of factors. Your health is an important factor as is your lifestyle.

However, here is the estimate of how long it may take to get pregnant if you have sex regularly.

25% women usually get pregnant in the first month itself.

60% get pregnant in 6 months.

75% might take 9 month.

80% might take a year.

90% will get pregnant in 18 months.

Thus, if you are under 35 years of age, and you are having sex regularly and are yet not pregnant, you need the doctor. Those who are above 35 years of age must seek medical help after trying for 6 months.

Timing sex is very important. If you want to get pregnant, make sure you have sex while you are ovulating. An ovulating calendar will help you out.

Your weight is also an important factor. If you are healthy, you’ll have more chances of conceiving. So make sure you eat right and are well nourished. If you are too thin and malnourished, you may even stop ovulating. So take care and be well nourished.


Make your House Peaceful

Our house is our safe abode. It is the place where we can do what we like, how we like and whenever we like. Our house gives us a sense of security and protection. But what if our house itself adds to our tension? Yes, there are ways in which your house could multiply your stress. The senses of security will be less and the sense of tension will be more. Here are a few ways to make your house a peaceful and a clam place for you.

  • Decorate your room and your house as a whole with things that make you feel nice; with things that make you smile such as photographs and flowers. Remove anything that brings in the sense of tension.
  • There are many colors that are peaceful and have the ability to calm you down. Use such color. Blue is for prosperity and green is for life and brightness. Go for such colors for your rooms.
  • Never overstuff a room. Keep furniture to the basics. Leave a little walking space and ensure the room looks spacious. A crammed room brings in tension.
  • Plant new plants and have flowers. They will make you feel very good.
  • Make sure you have as many soft elements as possible. Comfort should be your priority.


Use Flowers to Change you Mood

In an awful mood? Go to your garden and spend some time or buy yourself some flowers. Yes, studies say that flowers are an amazing way of boosting one’s mood. They have the ability to relax your mind and make you feel better.

It doesn’t matter which flower it is. Choose your favourite flower. It’ll do the trick for you. This is exactly the reason why many people like placing flowers on their work desk and in their homes.

The aroma is very soothing and can really make a person feel better. The most popular flowers are daffodils, tulips, zinnias, tea roses, etc.

Go ahead then, make your work desk or house look beautiful and smell great. Plus, make the environment peaceful and relaxing. Keep the bad mood at bay!