Beat the Stress Before it Takes you Down

Stress, stress, stress! It is a very common word today. Almost everyone goes through stress for some reason or the other. Its vast incidence however does not make it any less gruesome. For those of you who are unaware, stress leads to so many problems that you can’t even fathom. Need examples? How about heart disease? How about menstrual problems and infertility? How about cancer?

Scared? Don’t be. There are ways to ward off stress from our lives and healthy. Here are some of them –

Laugh! Simple, isn’t it? Laugh how much ever possible. Studies have revealed that laughter is extremely good for health and it even boosts the immune system. This is probably the easiest way to stay healthy too!

Massage! Massages are really good for the body. A good massage can balance your hormonal levels and decrease stress related hormone levels such as those of cortisol. Massages also relax you and make you feel great from inside.

Be Positive! Thinking interferes with ours major pathways in the body. Thus, thinking positive will help you be healthy. There is a direct relation between being positive and staying healthy and it has been proven. So, ward off the bad thoughts and be focussed on the good ones.

Sleep! You need to get enough sleep because lack of sleep increases the levels of cortisol in the body and ultimately leads to obesity. Obesity is linked to a wide range of health problems. Stay safe, sleep well.

Exercise! Keep your body fit and hormones balanced with good, regular exercise. Sweat it out. Don’t give up too soon. Little exercise is also harmful.

Meditate! Breathing deeply and meditating can help you in various ways. It’ll help you relax, calm down, feel positive and good. It can ward off your stress and make you feel healthy. Meditating for a while every day has proven to be extremely helpful.

Ways to Keep Cravings at Bay

When you are dieting, you sure don’t want to be munching away. Most of the times you don’t even realize that you are eating a lot of snacks. This is why here are a few snacks that are healthy and that will keep your cravings at bay. They are nutritious and thus serve two purposes simultaneously.

Try eating roasted peanuts. They are not only delicious, they are highly nutritious and will help you feel full. Thus you won’t feel hungry during your diet.

Popcorn is also another option. It is low calorie and has fibres that help in muscles development. The ingredients used are also known to be detoxifying.

Milk and cereal is also very good for health and an excellent alternative during diets. They are highly proteinaceous and give the body the required energy.

Tart cherries are another great option. You can simply eat them raw or drink their juice. You can easily control weight gain by eating these.

Cantaloupe will surely keep unhealthy and fattening snacks at bay. You can make different desserts using cantaloupe and gain a lot of Vitamin C. You can try making different delicious recipes too. Even this ingredient is a great detoxifier.

Be an Eco-clean Mom

Want to do your bit for the planet? Go green! You’ll not only help the world, you’ll help yourself and your baby’s health. You will also mark a healthy future for your child. Here are a few things you could do. We all know about these things but for some reason, it gets necessary to enunciate every now and then. People tend to forget such things really quickly.

The first thing you should do use your car less. Why not take your child out for a walk instead of taking him out for a drive? If your child is a baby still, put him in the stroller and off you go! Both mother and son could also go cycling. Of course cycling actually depends on how your child is but that is understood.

Breastfeeding is the best for your baby. Breast milk has a lot of health benefits and you will be doing a lot of good to the environment too. Baby formula costs a lot and one can’t even be sure that it is healthy. Breastfeeding can be done until your baby is 2 years old.

Take your child to an organic farm to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables. You can let your be involved in the cooking process so that he has fun and so do you. He’ll feel extremely happy that you let him play a part.

Turn off the TV when you are not using it. Instead of letting your child waste time in front of the TV, take him out and talk about trees, plants, birds, etc. Explain how it is important to save the environment and be environment friendly. Tell your child that he can make a lot of difference.

Use natural shampoos and soaps for your child. Let him get dirty. Let him be naughty and play how much ever he wants. But when he needs a bath, be sure you are using natural products.

Teach your child little things that will be small steps towards saving the environment such as saving water, turning off the lights while leaving the room, turning of the tap when brushing, etc.