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A Chocolate Pudding That’s Tasty and healthy

Pudding made in a blender? You better believe it. Here’s a milk-chocolate pudding recipe from chef Matthew Kenny that is raw, easy to make, and full of healthy fats. How does he make this dish so flavorful without dairy, eggs, or cooking? Watch this video to learn his secrets, and then whip up your own batch at home.

Ways to Incorporate Milk in your Daily Routine

Milk! We have heard about it, our lives literally revolve around it. But, some of us don’t like milk at all and avoid it completely.

Those who don’t drink milk are losing out on a lot. Experts are not wrong when they say milk is the absolute complete food. Even if you don’t like milk, you should try drinking at least one glass of milk per day for your own good.

Ways to Incorporate Milk in your Daily Routine

Here are some great ways to incorporate milk into your life:

  1. Have milk for breakfast. Add it to your cereal or oatmeal. If you don’t want to do that, create a smoothie with milk. That way, you will have taste as well as nutrition.
  2. Milk is the perfect snack. Have it as an afternoon snack. It is filling as well as healthy. One cup in the afternoon is more than enough.
  3. Add milk to your coffee if you don’t already do that. Half coffee with half milk is perfect. Your caffeine intake will come down and your milk intake will go up.
  4. How much chocolate milk? Strawberry milk? These make yummy desserts and are the best way to rejoice and get energy.
  5. Milk, apparently, makes you sleep well. A cup of warm milk before bed is the perfect way to end your day. It will soothe you and relax you, ensuring better sleep.

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Get the Dish: Napa Valley Grille’s Kale Chopped Salad

Is there any more beloved vegetable right now than dark, leafy kale? It’s the star of one of the signature dishes at Napa Valley Grille, the kale chopped salad. Host Brandi Milloy goes behind the scenes with the restaurant’s executive chef, Taylor Boudreaux, to find out what goes into this guest and celebrity favorite. Spoiler: it’s shockingly fast and simple!

Home Bar Basic: Make a Classic Mint Julep!

Headed to the horse races this weekend — or just looking to cool off? Then settle in with a frosty mint julep. It’s a drink that’s perfectly balanced: it’s sweet, clean, and potent all at the same time. Although it involves crushed ice, it’s an easy cocktail to make at home. Watch the video now to see how it’s done.

Flourless Double-Chocolate Pecan Cookies

Whether you’re following a gluten-diet or just love the taste of intensely chocolaty treats, Everyday Food editor Sarah Carey has the cookie for you. Watch as she shows you how easy it is to make a delicious, flourless double-chocolate pecan cookie.

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Cool Off With a Blood Orange Sorbet Margarita

We’d argue blood oranges taste even better than limes in a margarita; too bad they’re out of season right now. Thankfully, we’ve arrived armed with a pint of blood orange sorbet and our favorite tequila to create a thirst-quencher fitting for Spring and Summer: the blood orange sorbet margarita. With its slushy, creamy consistency and its citrusy punch, we promise it’ll be your next go-to drink on a hot day. Watch the video to learn more.

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