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Trick your Mind into Exercising

Everyone hates exercising. Even I used to. Yes, past tense. Used to hate it but not anymore. Right now actually, I love my exercising routine. Don’t judge me. I am not a freak or an exercise addict. I am a completely normal person like you are.

There were days when I used to hate it but things changed for good. I’ll tell you how I started loving something I hate and believe me, you’ll be happily stunned. All you need to do is trick your mind.

Yes, stop letting your brain play with you. It is time you played a tad with it for your own benefit. Every time you feel lazy or too tired to go to the gym and workout, tell yourself you won’t do it for more than 10 minutes or just tell yourself you will run only a mile today.

Believe me, you will run more than a mile and you will exercise more than for 10 minutes. You might just end up extending your training to 45 minutes.

Don’t create impossible tasks for yourself. Keep them simple and short. If it exceeds the short limit, good for you (and surely it will). If it does not, well something is always better than absolutely nothing!

Take Care of Yourself

Staying fit is like a curse these days. With our hectic jobs and so much on our mind, we barely pay attention to our health. Exercise is very important to stay fit and we all know that. Yet, we choose to ignore it or sometimes, are forced to. Whatever the reason may be, it is surely not worth risking your health for.

The human body needs exercise to stay fit. Staring at your computer at work and staring at your TV at home while absently munching on junk food won’t help you even one bit. You need to move around, take a walk, eat good food and sleep well.

Begin the day with a brisk walk. Wake up just half an hour early and go for a walk. Trust me; it’ll do you a lot of good.

When you are in your office, keep your work environment friendly and relaxed. Get some flowers or probably a small potted plant. The fragrance will help you a lot. You won’t be stressed.

No matter what happens, never eat at your work desk. You won’t realize how much you are eating and what you are eating either. You will be too occupied with your work. So, move out of your cabin, go to the canteen or outside and eat calmly there.

Get good sleep. Don’t lay awake each night thinking about your work. Get a good 8 hours sleep so that you are fresh the next morning.

Just follow a few simple tips and stay fit. You don’t need to have a mini gym in the house for it. Some stretches, a little yoga, some meditation, etc is enough.

Take care!


Beat the Stress Before it Takes you Down

Stress, stress, stress! It is a very common word today. Almost everyone goes through stress for some reason or the other. Its vast incidence however does not make it any less gruesome. For those of you who are unaware, stress leads to so many problems that you can’t even fathom. Need examples? How about heart disease? How about menstrual problems and infertility? How about cancer?

Scared? Don’t be. There are ways to ward off stress from our lives and healthy. Here are some of them –

Laugh! Simple, isn’t it? Laugh how much ever possible. Studies have revealed that laughter is extremely good for health and it even boosts the immune system. This is probably the easiest way to stay healthy too!

Massage! Massages are really good for the body. A good massage can balance your hormonal levels and decrease stress related hormone levels such as those of cortisol. Massages also relax you and make you feel great from inside.

Be Positive! Thinking interferes with ours major pathways in the body. Thus, thinking positive will help you be healthy. There is a direct relation between being positive and staying healthy and it has been proven. So, ward off the bad thoughts and be focussed on the good ones.

Sleep! You need to get enough sleep because lack of sleep increases the levels of cortisol in the body and ultimately leads to obesity. Obesity is linked to a wide range of health problems. Stay safe, sleep well.

Exercise! Keep your body fit and hormones balanced with good, regular exercise. Sweat it out. Don’t give up too soon. Little exercise is also harmful.

Meditate! Breathing deeply and meditating can help you in various ways. It’ll help you relax, calm down, feel positive and good. It can ward off your stress and make you feel healthy. Meditating for a while every day has proven to be extremely helpful.