Brown Steals Phone from Fan

Chris Brown is in trouble with the law. He allegedly snatched an iPhone from a woman as she tried to take his picture outside a nightclub in Miami Beach.

“B—-, you ain’t going to put that on no website,” the 22 year old singer bellowed at the fan and snatched the iPhone from her hand after reaching through the window of his Bentley. This incident happened at around 4 AM said the police report.

The case is still being investigated and thus, no charged have been filed as of yet.

“My prosecutors are currently speaking with witnesses and reviewing all of the materials supplied by Miami Beach Police,” said Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle. “Only after these reviews have been completed would any type of action be considered or taken.”

Christal Shanae Spann provided the report which accuses Brown of “robbery by sudden snatching”.

This is not the first time that Brown is in trouble. He was on probation for 5 years after assaulting his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. The pair is one friendly terms now.

Brown’s rep was not available for comment.

Seal and Klum will not be Getting Back Together

Seal celebrated his 49th birthday on Sunday and there was no Heidi Klum to celebrate with him.

Sources have said that while both were hoping to get back together, a reunion does not seem possible.

“They had both been wearing their wedding rings and had mutually thought they might be able to work it out,” one source said. “But it doesn’t look like it’s going that way.”

Au contraire to his statement that Seal had “no intention of taking [his ring] off anytime soon”, he was spotted without it in less than one month after separation. Heidi Klum is not wearing her ring either.

Heidi was attending ballet and karate classes as usual with her kids and a source said that “Heidi was in a good mood. She seemed happy to be back to her regular Saturday routine with her kids” after she came back on track with her business and her kids.

“They have had very little contact and Heidi wants to keep it this way,” the source said about Seal and Klum. “She feels less stressed out now and feels it’s best to be away from Seal, so she doesn’t get confused about her feelings.”

The source added: “She is moving forward with the divorce.”

Houston’s Death not A Surprise says a Source

There was no hiding the fact that Whitney Houston suffered an addiction problem. While her friends and family were saddened and shocked by her death, they confessed that this was definitely not out of the blue.

“As sad as this sounds, it’s not a great surprise and yet, it’s unbelievable,” a music source said. She had admitted that she took marijuana and cocaine. There were prescription pills in her hotel room, say reports on the other hand.

“There are demons she fought privately and publicly for many years,” the source continued. “While doing Sparkle she was seemingly in a good place but the demons run deep. Very deep.”

Houston’s enablers apparently added dangers, the source said.

“She’s been on a downward spiral for a long time and when you have those people around you that enable the behavior … she couldn’t shake those demons.”

The cause of death has not been narrowed down up on yet.

Perry and Brand reach a Divorce Settlement

There are not going to be any fireworks in Katy Perry’s and Russell Brand’s divorce. The two have apparently reached a “comprehensive written settlement of all issues”.

The papers were signed by Katy Perry just like she always does – a smiley imbibed in her last name.

Perry is also looking to get her maiden name changed to Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson.

36 year old Brand has also signalled that a settlement has been reached and he checked in the boxes that said that the two “agree this cause may be decided as an uncontested matter”.

A source said that Brand is not asking for any money from his famous wife. They had married in 2010, October and filed for divorce in December 2011.

Demi Moore is in Treatment Facility

Demi Moore was sent to the hospital due to health crisis in January and she hasn’t been spotted since. However, it has been confirmed that she is in treatment.

A source has confirmed that she is not at home but in a treatment facitiity.

“She’s on total lockdown and only talking to a small group of people,” a source said. She is being treated for an eating disorder as well as addiction.

On January 23rd, she has smoked something “similar to incense” and she began “convulsing”.

Moore has been seeing a rough patch of life. She recently suffered a split from Ashton Kutcher. However, friends were apparently worried from before itself.

“Really, it was over the last year her friends saw a change,” a source said. “She wasn’t sleeping as well, didn’t seem to be eating and looked really gaunt.”

Tallulah, Moore’s youngest daughter celebrated her 18th birthday with her dad Bruce Willis along with Rumer, her elder sister.

Lauren Scruggs gets a Prosthetic Eye

Lauren Scruggs had lost her left eye and her hand in a plane accident on December 3rd but now her recovery has hit a milestone. She has a prosthetic eye now.

“She was fitted and measured. The ocularist carefully painted and shaped the new eye,” Cheryl Scruggs wrote on her daughter’s website on Thursday.

It was an “all day process,” added Cheryl, and “by 5 p.m., it was done, and her new eye was in place. It is beautiful. Thank you God for providing.”

23 year old Lauren own a fashion blog named LOLO. She may also be getting a prosthetic arm soon too. “We again met with the arm people this week,” her mother added. “Again, another step. bittersweet……

“Lo’s physical pain has subsided a great deal. It is now the emotional pain that is the tough one,” wrote Cheryl. “Please continue to pray. Your prayers are so appreciated … More than you know.” 

David Arquette and Courteney Cox to Appear in Cougar Town finale

David Arquette and Courteney Cox are going to be seen on the screen together.

They are going to work as a pair in Cougar Town, Cox’s hit sitcom.

Though the two split after 11 years of marriage in 2010, October, they are the best of friends. “He’s my favorite person in the world,” she said earlier in this month. “No matter what happens in our future, he’s my very best friend.”

This is not the first time they will be seen together on screen. They were filming Scream when they fell in love. They even appeared in Scream 4 last year.

Demi Moore had Seizures before Being Hospitalized

A source says that Demi Moore “was having what seemed like seizures” in her house before she was taken to the hospital.

“Concerned friends called 911,” the source says.

The 49 year old is apparently being treated for exhaustion according to her rep. Her friends are however very worried about her health and her stress.

The reason behind the seizure is unknown but another source says that Moore definitely “did not attempt suicide.”

There have been no more comments from the reps.

The actress has had very depressing months with the split with Ashton Kutcher and then the death of one of her close friends. She even dropped out of her recent role from the movie Lovelace.

Confusion Deepens about Halle’s Relationship Status

It just keeps getting mysterious!

Rumours were in air that Halle Berry was now engaged to Olivier Martinez, whom she has been dating for over a year now.

However, a close source denies news of engagement even though she was seen wearing a new diamond and emerald ring.

“Although Halle is a great fan of Gurhan we cannot confirm that she is wearing a Gurhan design,” said the company about the ring that they had designed for her.

Company reps have chosen not to comment as to why they first said it was an engagement ring.

Berry and Martinez’s reps have also refused to comment on the news.

However, amidst all this confusion and mystery it is clear that the two have gotten closer and stronger.

In Olivier, “Halle has found a rock to lean on,” says a source close to the couple.

Scott and Tyrell Are Married!

Here is great news for Lady Antebellum’s fans! Hillary Scott is now married.

“I’d like to introduce you to Mrs. Hillary Scott Tyrrell,” said Chris, who proposed to Hillary in East Tennessee.

“We got married!” Scott, 25, exclaimed and flashed her wedding ring. “We just wanted you to hear it from us first. We love you. We’re so excited to be starting our life together and we just had to let you in on the exciting news.”

The two tied the knot in Upstate New York on Saturday in the presence of family and friends.

They uploaded a video of the event on the Lady Antebellum official website. The video shows Hillary dressed beautifully in a Vera Wang dress.

“Everything is brighter. Everything has a deeper meaning,” Scott had said recently of being engaged. “I’ve found a guy who truly embraces me for who I am and appreciates the things that I don’t necessarily love about myself.”