Kendra Wilkinson Speaks of Crystal Harris’ Gossip

Kendra Wilkinson remembers the time she was at a plunging low for coming out in open about being Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend. She however stays put that her comments were not even remotely as hurtful as were Crystal Harris’, Hugh Hefner’s ex-fiancé.

“Her situation is a lot more harsh,” Wilkinson, 26, was reported saying. “She was about to get married to him. I would have never agreed to get married to him.”

She may have bared her sex life to the world but she was affirmative that she wouldn’t stoop so low as Crystal Harris did and go all out to hurt Hefner so much. Harris gossiped non-stop about how Hefner was bad in bed or say, lacked the prowess.

“We both knew our place,” Wilkinson says about herself and the Playboy mogul. “He knew that we were friends. I knew that we were friends. But to [plan to] get married and then be a backstabber to someone like that – to take it to that level and then go and backstab, that’s, like, cruel, you know?”

First, she said, she felt like she knew what Harris was talking about but later on she realized Harris was doing wrong.

“At first I was really proud,” Wilkinson says. “I was like, ‘Wow, she’s being classy about things.’ But then lately, she’s just like totally running her mouth and it’s hard.”

Winehouse May Have Died of Alcohol Abstinence

Amy Winehouse struggled a lot to withdraw from drugs. She died recently and the cause of her death was not known immediately. Her family however has come out in the open and said that she probably died due to alcohol withdrawal.

Winehouse was clearly advised by the doctor to abstain gradually and not all of a sudden. Evidently, she ignored the valuable advice and chances are high that it caused her death.

“Abstinence gave her body such a fright, they thought it was eventually the cause of her death,” said a source.

What exactly caused her death will be unknown for a while now because toxicology results take a while to come.
Many people think that during her last days, Winehouse was on a bender but Mr. Mitch Winehouse, her father said it is actually the opposite.

“He said doctors had told Amy to gradually reduce her intake of alcohol and to avoid bingeing at all costs. Amy told him she couldn’t do that. It was all or nothing and she gave up completely,” says the same source.

“Mitch said the shock of giving up, after everything she had been through over a bad few years, was just too much for her to take.”

Ivanka Trump is a Happy Mother

You have a famous father. Why not let him do the happy announcements then?

Ivanka Trump delivered a daughter on Sunday morning and her father, Donald Trump took the privilege of telling everyone about it.

“I just left the hospital and the baby is beautiful. [Ivanka’s] doing great,” Trump, 65, said. “Arabella Rose is the baby’s name – I just found that out by the way.”
After this, the mother of the little baby Tweeted it.

“Jared and I are having so much fun playing with our daughter!” Trump, 29, wrote. “Arabella Rose is beyond adorable. She’s truly a blessing.”

This is Ivanka’s first child and Donald Trump’s third grandchild. His son, Donald Trump Jr. has a daughter and a son.

Time for Jewel to Sing Lullabies

Here he is, the little boy who is going to make Jewel sing lullabies.
Kase Townes Murray; son of Jewel and Ty Murray was welcomed into the world in Texas on Monday.
He arrived in the evening at around 7 PM CST and weighed a healthy 7 lbs, 6 oz.
“Ty and I are so pleased to welcome our new baby boy into the world,” Jewel told. “We are overcome with happiness – it really is as great as everyone told us it would be – better even!”

The famous host had found out about her pregnancy on the first day of her new job of co-hosting the reality show Platinum Hit. “I took a pregnancy test and it was positive!” she told. “It was so hard to keep it a secret.”

The amazing singer has had her own set of problems with conceiving. She was also hit by a fire truck when she was five months pregnant in March. Thankfully however, the reports came out clean and she and her baby were safe.

The couple lives in a 2,200 acre farm in Stephenville, Texas. They however spent the whole of Spring in turning into a nursery, their guest room.

Casey Refuses to Meet Mother

Casey Anthony’s mother, Cindy Anthony who was a very important thread in Casey Anthony’s defence was declined a meeting in the prison by Casey.

“This morning under policy, Casey was told of the visit and she has declined the visit so it will not occur,” jail spokesman Allen Moore said.

Cindy had given a surprising testimony by taking the responsibility for incriminating the computer searches that the prosecutors said Casey was responsible for.

Cindy claimed she searched the computer for “chloroform” because she “was worried that it might affect my dogs,” adding, “I was worried about them eating bamboo.”

She even took responsibility for going through “chest injuries,” which was one of the search terms found on the Anthony family computer.

Casey came out clean from the trial on Tuesday but was prosecuted for lying to the officers. She will be jailed until the 17th of July.


Beckham’s Royal Meeting

The heartthrob and star David Beckham was not on the actual guest list to meet the royals and welcome them to the US on Friday night.

But this didn’t stop Beckham from meeting them. He easily walked past security as a friend with gifts. He then chatted merrily with the Prince by the pool at the Los Angeles home of British Consul-General Barbara Hay.

Beckham, looking chic in black suit and blue tie was not accompanied by his wife because she is pregnant at the moment their fourth child.

“Victoria really wanted to come but she is just so tired at the moment,” Beckham told William. “She sent you both lots of love.”

“Don’t be silly,” William replied. “Send her all our love and tell her good luck with it all.”

“It’s been an amazing few days,” said William about his trip to Canada. “We’ve been so lucky with all the incredible places we’ve been able to see and we’ve met so many fascinating people. It’s been amazing, amazing.”


Keri Russell is Expecting

Yes, it is true that Keri Russell is expecting her second child with husband Shane Deary.

They already have a four year old son together named River.

Russell says that she is enjoying working as well as taking care of her house at the same time.

“I get to work really hard for three months but then I get to be home for four months where I get to put him to bed every night,” she said.

“I like getting to be in the adult world a little bit and then getting to be in the mom world and cook dinners,” she said. “And for me that balance is what makes it nice.”


Kate Greets Eager Children on Her Tour


Whether it is a royal couple or an ordinary one, weddings are usually followed by talks of kids. The Duchess of Cambridge is no exception.

While on her tour in Quebec City, she was given a beautiful bouquet by 2 year old Raffaela.

The toddler’s dad and she waited for over 4 hours just for a glimpse of the royal couple. The landscape gardener, who had left his pregnant wife, Florence, at home, told reporters, “Kate said to me, ‘What a beautiful daughter you have.’ ”

He added: “When I said to her I wished her and William well with starting their own family, she said, ‘Yes, I hope to.’ ”

The couple unfortunately had a few protestors too who waved signs in French that meant “the king is me” and the Quebec flag.

The royal couple didn’t really take notice of the protestors and waved to the many people waiting for them in the streets.

Jenny Chin, a person from New York who was trying to see the couple said, “These are the protesters, and we’re the supportive tourists. Let’s have fun.”

17 year old Sanchita Dhond from Ohio said, “It just made this trip so much more exciting. I watched the wedding, but I wasn’t that excited. But seeing them in the flesh is different. She’s a princess and everybody wants to be one.”


Kate Moss is Married

Kate Moss married Jamie Hince, guitarist from The Kills today. Kate wore a vintage-inspired, floor length Galliano dress while Jamie wore a Yves Saint Laurent suit.

Kate, of course, always the ultimate style icon, first became popular in the 1990s for her heroin chic, waif, incredibly thin figure. She was first “discovered” at the age of 14 and has had a prolific career ever since.

When Bill Clinton initially spoke against the heroin chic trend in the 1990s, Kate received widespread media attention, to which she replied,  “It was just the time. It was a swing from more buxom girls like Cindy Crawford and people were shocked to see what they called a ‘waif’. What can you say? How many times can you say “I’m not anorexic”?

Jaime is soon off on tour with The Kills in support of their 2011 album, Blood  Pressures. They start later this month in Australia before venturing to The  United States. They will make an appearance at Lollapalooza in Chicago  August 5 – 7.

We at She Is That wish you both the best and hope to see many more photos of  the two of you together in the coming years.

The Royal Couple is in Canada

Prince William’s first remarks in Canada were a mixture of English and French.

“It will improve as we go on,” the prince joked about his French,

“Catherine and I are so delighted to be here in Canada. Instilled in us by our parents and grandparents, who love this country, we have been looking forward to this moment for a very long time – and before we were married, we had a longing to come here together,” he said.

“The geography of Canada is unsurpassed and is famous for being matched only by the hospitality of its people. We are so very excited about having this opportunity to experience both – and learn much more about this amazing country.”

Prince William, 29, spoke at the official welcome event organized at the residence of Ottawa, the governor general of Canada.

Minutes before that the newlywed royal couple had received a hearty reception from the crowd of thousands that assembled at the national war memorial where they had gone to lay a wreath.

The crowd favourite was definitely Kate Middleton who received shouts of  “We want Kate!”

“Thank you so much. We are so delighted to be here,” she said.

“I talked to William and congratulated him on the wedding and he said ‘thank you very much’, he’s so polite!” she told. “It was completely worth the journey just for that five seconds. I mean, I shook his hand!”