Be an Eco-clean Mom

Be an Eco-clean Mom

Want to do your bit for the planet? Go green! You’ll not only help the world, you’ll help yourself and your baby’s health. You will also mark a healthy future for your child. Here are a few things you could do. We all know about these things but for some reason, it gets necessary to enunciate every now and then. People tend to forget such things really quickly.

The first thing you should do use your car less. Why not take your child out for a walk instead of taking him out for a drive? If your child is a baby still, put him in the stroller and off you go! Both mother and son could also go cycling. Of course cycling actually depends on how your child is but that is understood.

Breastfeeding is the best for your baby. Breast milk has a lot of health benefits and you will be doing a lot of good to the environment too. Baby formula costs a lot and one can’t even be sure that it is healthy. Breastfeeding can be done until your baby is 2 years old.

Take your child to an organic farm to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables. You can let your be involved in the cooking process so that he has fun and so do you. He’ll feel extremely happy that you let him play a part.

Turn off the TV when you are not using it. Instead of letting your child waste time in front of the TV, take him out and talk about trees, plants, birds, etc. Explain how it is important to save the environment and be environment friendly. Tell your child that he can make a lot of difference.

Use natural shampoos and soaps for your child. Let him get dirty. Let him be naughty and play how much ever he wants. But when he needs a bath, be sure you are using natural products.

Teach your child little things that will be small steps towards saving the environment such as saving water, turning off the lights while leaving the room, turning of the tap when brushing, etc.


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